01 March, 2016

innisfree Jeju Orchid Beauty Affair: Start Young with Anti-Aging

My beauty journey with innisfree began last year with its pore-focused Volcanic Clay series and moisturizing Jeju Sparkling Mineral skincare. And now I'm trying out its recently-revamped Jeju Orchid line in new packaging, and it has introduced 3 new items into the line, making it a total of 8 products now in the family of Jeju Orchid. 

Well, you may not be aware that innisfree Orchid Line has always been popular since its launch and also made it to the top 10 consumers' favourites. Previously, it only consists of signature cream range that tackles anti-aging and skin firming. But now, it has toner, lotion and essence to complete the regime.

Thank you innisfree for sending me such a lovely bouquet prior to our beauty date! 

I heard some say "You are too young for anti-aging!", well it is actually a misconception by many. Skin aging is irreversible, but there is always something we can do to slow down the process. It is mportant to start young before it becomes too late, and therefore I am here at the Orchid Beauty Affair and being pampered with an 8-course purple indulgent "meal" for the skin.  

According to Mr. Johnny Nam, innisfree Malaysia Brand Manager, the main ingredient used is the Orchid Elixir, made of the precious orchid flowers grown in Jeju Island, Korea which is known for its vitality and ability to bloom fully even during winter. It is a powerful antioxidant that:
  • Strengthens the skin's defense system
  • Revitalize overly tired skin
  • Makes dry skin radiant and achieve youthful glow

The recommended order for the 6-step Orchid line skincare regimen is 
(1) Skin, (2) Essence, (3) Lotion, (4) Eye Cream, (5) Gel Cream/Enriched Cream/Intense Cream, (6) Massage Cream.

Let's begin our Jeju Orchid beauty affair!
[NEW!] Orchid Skin (200ml) @ RM89.00
[NEW!] Orchid Enriched Essence (50ml) @ RM115.00
[NEW!] Orchid Lotion (160ml) @ RM89.00

To begin our skin nourishment, these 3 new products in the Orchid Line set the foundation in the
skincare regimen. A thin layer of each is sufficient to prep the skin for better absorption later.

Step 1: Orchid Skin
What is it: An effective anti-aging toner, infused with Gel Network Technology.
Benefit: To retain moisture right after cleansing.
Texture: Fine, lightweight gel texture (slightly thicker than liquid).
Feel: Fresh and smells good.
How to use: Wipe on the skin using cotton pad.

Step 2: Orchid Enriched Essence
What is it: A translucent blend of natural lifting ingredients that forms an elastic micro barrier on the skin.
Benefits: To prevent collagen breakdown, immediately firms the skin and keeps it supple.
Texture: Rich, skin-fitting texture. Slightly thicker than Orchid Skin.
Feel: Light and refreshing.
How to use: Pump 2 times and gently dab onto skin. 

Step 3: Orchid Lotion
What is it: A coconut oil-infused lotion for further skin nourishment
Benefits: For anti-wrinkle and whitening purposes.
Texture: Melt-in lotion texture; thicker than gel.
Feel: Soft and smoothly blends into skin without stickiness.
How to use: Spread it evenly around face and neck. 

Orchid Gel Cream (50ml) @ RM101.00
Orchid Enriched Cream (50ml) @ RM101.00
Orchid Intense Cream (50ml) @ RM113.00

For the "main course", it is the main element of the skincare regime, so it is important
to choose the type of cream that suits your skin type and benefits your skin the most. 

Step 4: Choose Your Orchid Cream according to your skin type (and season)
What is it: Facial cream infused with Jeju Orchid Extract and Jeju Green Complex
Benefits: To nourish the skin, smooth skin texture and boost the skin's natural barrier.

Orchid Gel Cream:
Purpose: Treats early signs of skin aging.
Texture: Refreshing gel texture.
Suitable For: Normal and oily skin.

Orchid Enriched Cream:
Purpose: Total anti-aging care to reduce wrinkles, nourish and firm up skin.
Texture: Rich and moist essence-like creamy texture.
Suitable For: Normal and dry skin.

Orchid Intense Cream:
Purpose: Intensive anti-aging care for skin firmness, skin tone correction and pore tightening.
Texture: Thick and rich cream texture.
Suitable For: Extremely dry skin.

Orchid Eye Cream (30ml) @ RM101.00
Orchid Massage Cream (80ml) @ RM73.00

Step 5: Orchid Eye Cream
What is it: An infusion of Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and caffeine for the eyes. 
Benefits: To reduce wrinkles around the eyes. 
Texture: Thick and creamy.
How to use: Massage a very thin layer around the eyes in circular motion. 

Step 6: Orchid Massage Cream
What is it: A weekly skincare for relaxation and rejuvenation. 
Benefits: To relax and revitalize tired skin and improve blood circulation.
Texture: Balm-like cream texture. 
Feel: Moisturizing and skin tightening sensations.
How to use (Weekly): Massage gently onto the skin and remove the excess / rinse with lukewarm water.

After pampering the skin, we had a series of activities prepared exclusively for us, based on the theme of orchids! There I made my very own natural Handmade Soy Wax Candle infused with Orchid 1220 Perfumed Diffuser. Hand-poured with 100% vegetable wax, it is bio-degradable, burns much cleaner with no toxin emission. Totally environment-friendly! 

Ta-daa! Here's my handcrafted candle-- Purple and white; beautiful right?

Next was the orchid water color painting! Our names and orchids were painted readily for us, all we needed to do was to complete the painting of the wreath of flowers. I got really nervous when it comes to art, but I guess I had done a fairly good job here. Do you like my painting? :P 

To complete the fun day of "purple indulgence", our tummies were treated with a hearty spread of purple-licious dishes from purple mayo sandwiches to deep-fried purple sweet potatoes. I really couldn't explain how delighted we were, looking at the lovely themed dishes. 

From the food for skin to the food for soul, innisfree had really done a great job
in winning our hearts during this beauty affair ;) 
Amazing products, lovely ambiance, fun activities and most importantly, great companions;
The afternoon just couldn't be better than this!

If you are looking for anti-wrinkle care, resilience, skin tone correction, nourishment and pore care all in one,
then innisfree Jeju Orchid anti-aging solution is the perfect choice for you.

Feel free to try them out at innisfree stores in:
Sunway Pyramid: G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone)
Paradigm Mall: Lot UG-11, Upper Ground Floor
Pavilion KL: Lot 4.02.02, 4th Floor

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook: fb.com/innisfreeMYS
and Instagram: @innisfreeofficial for more updates!

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