16 July, 2015

Review: innisfree NEW Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask & Cleanser

Whether you are a fan of Korean skincare, surely you would have heard about innisfree, the popular Korean natural beauty brand. I have long noticed about this brand when it first landed in Malaysia because it is well-known for its Jeju Volcanic Line for pore care.

To further enhance the efficacy for pore solutions, it has introduced the latest innisfree Volcanic Clay Mousse range of products, which emphasises on Jeju's natural volcanic cluster called “volcanic scoria”. Knowing that this ingredient has better sebum control capability than mud or red clay, its natural goodness prompts me to try them out.

The clay mask I usually use is cream in a jar, but now innisfree has mousse type which is able to reach even the smallest pores on our skin and help clean pores deep in the skin more thoroughly.

Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser (RM40 / 150ml)

Before applying the mousse clay mask, I always make sure my skin is free from impurities, using the one-step Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser. The formula is quite unique, as it is rich in Jeju volcanic clusters that have excellent sebum and dirt absorbing powers. 

I totally love the air-light, smooth and whipped-cream-like mousse texture!

If you usually put on light makeup, you don't need an additional makeup remover because this cleanser can perform good double-cleansing by effectively rinsing away sunscreen and light make-up at one go. Just use one pump and lightly massage it onto the face, then rinse off with lukewarm water. 

I tried it with my concealer, foundation, waterproof mascara and eyeliner on. And the result is amazing! It removes the foundation very well, but not the eye makeup. Most importantly, it leaves the skin with moist, clean, and fresh feeling. Great for daily use on all skin types :)

Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask [Original] (RM67 / 100ml) for dry skin

Next, it's time to apply the Micro-Clay Mousse Mask which is loaded with 3,000mg of Jeju volcanic clusters that work to absorb excess sebum and cleanse pores. I leapt in joy when I found that it contains twice as much moisturising ingredients (Hyaluronic acid) than the popular Volcanic Pore Clay Mask in a jar, perfectly suit my dry skin!

The texture is moderately thick and creamy, as I can still feel the light airiness in it.

I only use half a pump for a smooth layer over the entire face, so I guess one bottle of this product can go a long way. Just gently massage over the face but try to avoid eyes and mouth areas ya. You can leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Again, I am amazed by the effectiveness in just single use! 

The blackheads and whiteheads on my T-zone area and cheek are gone instantly.
Kudos to the pore cleansing effect without drying out the skin. 

Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask (RM70 / 100ml) for oily skin

For even stronger effect for pore care, this Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask is highly recommended! Its content of Jeju volcanic clusters (6,020mg) doubles the amount of the previous Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask, hence it is better able to glide over small pores and between fine lines to perfectly remove excess sebum, wastes and fine dust from the skin.

On top of that, this mask is clinically proven as a powerful solution for oily skin with various pore concerns: From exfoliating, removing sebum, dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, minimizing pores, to improving skin texture.

Texture wise, it is much thicker and creamier. And I find the color, scent and texture very similar to the famous mud treatment mask from UK which I have reviewed HERE.

I realise it dries up very quickly (perhaps because of the strong fan I have in my room), but remember to remove it with lukewarm water after 10 minutes before it gets too dry, otherwise it will absorb moisture from the skin. 

The pore clearing and exfoliating effects are more significant and intense here, but it seems a little too strong for my dry skin, because the skin around my nose slightly peels off. But if you have oily skin, you'd definitely find it very good because it leaves your skin free from sebum, whiteheads, blackheads with less visible pores! 

1. The natural benefits from Jeju Island coupled with mousse formula are impressive: A highly recommended pore solution especially for those who always have oily T-zone, clogged and enlarged pores. 
2. Package wise, the bottle is more hygienic and easier to use than jar type. 
3. Personal favourite must-buy item: Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask [Original]

innisfree’s Volcanic Clay Mousse and Cleanser are available at 
innisfree Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall G.170 Ground Floor (Orange Zone).

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS.


  1. hey babe, is it suitable for sensitive skin? I mean the mask :) <3

  2. Hey babe may i know where you buy these stuff with thats affordable price???i do search in instagram but the price a lil bit expensive then this...mind share with me...

  3. U can get it from hermo.the price there is really good as most of the time there's promotion.and the service is good too


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