09 March, 2016

Mama Kim Restaurant: Famous Sauna Mee (桑拿面) in Town

Speaking of "Healthy Meal", most people will shy away because it is often seen as "boring" or "less delicious". But at Mama Kim Restaurant, things are totally different as Chef Mama Kim herself loves innovating with new healthy recipes to keep the food delicious yet balanced in nutrients

Mama Kim Restaurant has been a favourite spot for healthy goers who believe in balanced diet that incorporates real food with low salt, no white sugar, no white flour, less oil, and no MSG. It practises the concept of 80% Vegetables and 20% Meat in each dish, to keep it healthy and tasty. It's time for a change of lifestyle!

Speaking of the ambiance, you can dine comfortably under a modern warm setting. But do expect to queue during weekends, otherwise you should come early to secure a nice table for you and your family or friends. 

Natural Fruit and Flower Tea (天然花果茶) @ RM10.50

The beverages here are mostly healthy and natural. Our jar of fruity flower tea infused with apple, orange and passion fruit is great for sharing among 4-5 persons, but I can easily enjoy it all by myself because the citrusy taste is so natural, refreshing and sweet!

Signature Hot Lemongrass (香茅茶) @ RM4.80
Vegetables Juice (活力蔬菜汁) @ RM7.30 (Small) / RM15.90 (Large)
Iced Longan Drink (罗汉果)

Another healthy option is the blended vegetables juice, definitely a great source of fibre to improve digestion! Alternatively, the soothing lemongrass and longan drink are equally good for the overall wellbeing.

 Sauna Mee (桑拿面) @ RM13.70

As for the food, first timers must try the No.1 Signature item here: Sauna Mee, served in a specially crafted claypot that keeps the broth warm to the very last sip! It is heated in a special oven for 50 minutes to be heated up to 250 degree Celsius. Seriously, it is piping hot upon being served, and the warmth lasts for more than 30 minutes. Indeed a hearty dish to warm the stomach!

Come in a choice between vegetarian soup or fish soup, both are slow-cooked for over 5 hours, but I prefer the latter as it is more flavourful. Apart from the common steamboat ingredients, the bowl is generously filled with handmade noodles-- Either crunchy Signature Rice Noodles or the soft and smooth Pumpkin Noodles

Cantonese Seafood Noodles (江南海鲜面) @ RM15.80

Other hearty meals such as the braised seafood noodles and rice set are equally noteworthy as they remind me of the taste from home. The generously portioned dishes are certainly not for those with small appetite; Sharing is highly recommended. 

Chilli Teo Chew Chicken with Steamed Rice, Vegetables and Herbal Soup @ RM15.80

Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice (野菇焗饭) @ RM13.70

If you think Mama Kim serves only Chinese dishes, then you're wrong because it also offers sandwiches, pasta, baked rice and chicken chop. Sitting on a bed of brown rice, the melted cheesy mushroom forms a thick topping that is sure to whet our appetite. I'd wish the application of cheese is heavier though!

Pumpkin Fried Rice (南瓜炒饭) @ RM9.40

Mixed Fruit Salad (水果沙拉) @ RM9.50

Finally, it is the beautifully-presented fresh fruit salad that becomes our dessert of the evening. I am glad to conclude the sumptuous meal with such a sweet and crunchy treat without feeling sinful at all. 

All Mama Kim outlets in Pandan Indah, Jalan Pahang and Kota Kemuning are attached with Herbaline Spa to complete our beauty and wellness journey, because “beauty does not only begin on the outside, but beauty also begins on the inside”.

1. For those who want to try out healthy diet, here's the place to begin with. 
2. Simple Life is the perfect place for businessmen and family to catch a breather at any time of the day.
3. Recommended: Sauna Mee, Cantonese Seafood Noodles

Mama Kim Ground Floor 
(Inside Sojourn Guest House)
No. 1, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2,
Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-4292 0808
Facebook: fb.com/mamakimsaunamee

Other outlets:
Kota Kemuning: Herbaline Beauty Square (+603-5121 7151)
Jalan Pahang: Beside SRJK(C) Chong Hwa (+6014-6418624)


  1. Wow! Healthy and yet not boring food choices!! I like! Will definitely keep this place in mind when I visit kl again.

  2. I love healthy food - that's why I usually reduce outside food. But this restaurant looks like they are serving the kind of food I make, only tastier!

  3. wow...this is a very interesting concept with all healthy food ,beauty, homestay .great to know it now.

  4. Sauna mee looks delish. Something I'd love to try

  5. Sauna mee!? very weird but healthy food concept, now a days people really start to have healthy food instead of fastfood...

  6. First time I heard of sauna mee but it does sound pretty interesting to me.. I would love to try it.....

  7. Sad, doesn't look like it has any meat dishes. :(

  8. Wow~ The fruits and flowers tea seem so nice! Would like to give it a try. =)

  9. woohoo. one more healthy choice, this is music to my ear! :) love the sauna mee - the name and the food looks so special.

  10. unique name! sauna mee...the food look delicious healthy.

  11. Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice attracts my taste bud. Looks like full house and I want to try also.

  12. There are one branch just near my house! The sauna mee is my favorite I always order this when I visit Mama Kim =P

  13. u reli make me drooling.. jot it down for my next KL trip :D

  14. The food here is definitely healthy. Feel so healthy even after eating it

  15. Pandan Indah although is a bit far for us but my husband is a tea lover. Will date him yum cha there. :)

  16. Sauna mee!!! What a unique name hoho. The baked cheezy rice look yummy to me!

  17. I always love the way you do food photography. Simply awesome!

  18. I reALLLY want to try Natural Fruit and Flower Tea (天然花果茶) @ RM10.50

  19. The foods served here to nice and tasty :) I would like to enjoy the foods and fruit tea soon :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  20. Wow!!! Seriously?? Herbaline has their own restaurant? ahahaha... Love all the food you introduced. I shall check this out with few friends... Eat healthy is very important!

  21. yum it looks so healthy and delicious at the same, who says healthy food must taste bad


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