03 March, 2016

Sky Palace Fine Chinese Cuisine Restaurant (食为天) @ One City, Subang Jaya

Our evening at One City USJ mall was totally well spent as we managed to enjoy a splendid dinner with Executive Chef Chong Chee Ming (张细明) at Sky Palace (食为天) Chinese restaurant which is tucked at the corner on the ground floor of the mall.

Specializing in the finest Cantonese fare that combines both originality and creativity, this restaurant serves up a wide array of traditional Chinese cuisine with contemporary elements in it. Customers can even order any dishes they want, be it from the menu, or off-menu.

Spanning over 8000 sq ft across two floors, the posh and elegant interior of Sky Palace lifted our overall dining experience, especially when we were seated at one of the VIP luxurious private dining room which is well-equipped with karaoke facilities and private washroom. Ideal for any corporate, family and friend gatherings!

Fruit Platter on Ice (冰镇鲜果盘)

We were convinced by the healthy eating practice here that emphasizes on having fresh fruits before meal to better improve the overall digestion. So, it was no surprise when the vitamins-loaded fruits were served first onto our table. Also, this restaurant was very particular on using only high-quality organic ingredients to craft the following dishes.

Lobster Dumpling in Superior Broth (茶壶龙虾灌汤饺)

To begin with, we had a welcoming change from the usual soups to warm the stomach. Commonly found in the dim sum menu, this huge lobster-filled dumpling was best served hot with the lovely seafood broth.

The broth was already a winning taste on its own, as it was slowly boiled for over 4 hours using  crushed lobster shell. Hence, do expect every spoonful to be punch packed with the fresh oceanic goodness!

The dumpling was generously loaded with lobster meat, seafood and mushroom. Simply luscious!

Duo-style Deep-fried Pork Knuckle (芝麻沙拉片肉咸猪手)

For the next dish, I could sense what was coming when I whiffed the beautiful aromas wafting in the air from the pork knuckle. It was another pleasant surprise to me as the well-marinated pork knuckle was being served two-way, both uniquely flavoured on its own.

First was the crispy skin being sliced from the whole knuckle, then wrapped over with thin crepes and laced with sweet hoi sin sauce and Japanese sesame dressing. It was exactly the way we usually savour the Chinese smoked duck. Slightly salty but crispy and flavourful enough to whet my appetite!

To reduce the heavy feeling on the palate, the remaining lean and fatty meat were thinly shredded into a Thai-style salad, reminding me of the local favourite's kerabu. Tangy and spicy, it was an excellent pick-me-up before digging into the following dish. 

Smoked Cod Fish with Organic Vegetables (酱烧鳕鱼有机蔬)

Then came an individually portioned smoked cod sitting on a bed of mayo, bonito flakes and fish roes. I guessed the chef had creatively injected some Japanese elements into this dish, and to my liking, it was firm in texture, fresh and succulent in taste.


Another beautifully presented dish that caught my attention was this lovely arrangement of little gold fishes sitting on a huge serving plate, surrounded with steamed snow fungus. I later realized that it was a chewy combination of prawn and pork paste served on green. Simple but delicious!

Claypot Snow Crab Rice (石锅荷叶蟹粉蒸饭团)

We often say we save the best for last. True indeed, the show stopper of the evening was this aromatic pot of steamed rice topped with whole snow crab. The chef used a huge 1 kg snow crab in this fabulous rice dish which imparted its sweetness into the fragrant and sweet rice. Taste and freshness were totally on point, thumbs up to the culinary team!

1. Food and ambiance are equally good for a mid-range Chinese restaurant.
2. I love the good service that allows customers to request certain off-menu dishes.
3. Recommended: Claypot Snow Crab Rice, Lobster Dumpling in Superior Broth

Sky Palace Fine Chinese Cuisine Restaurant (食为天)
D-GF-01 - D-GF-03A, Ground Floor,
Sky Park @ One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1,
47650 Subang Jaya,
Contact: 603-5115 9998

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:30am - 2:30pm, 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Sat-Sun: 9:30am - 4:30pm, 6:00pm - 10:30pm


  1. Definitely great food from that night. Haha babe I'll be referring to the name of the dishes from you ^___^

  2. OMO the fruit platter!! And the duo-style deep-fried pork knuckle!! I am mouth-watering ^^

  3. SO TEMPTING AND ATTRACT !! definitely go try it if gt chance! thanks for sharing dear :)

  4. Been to One City kinda often but never try this restaurant before.
    Next time I will try their Claypot Snow Crab Rice! Yum! Yum!

  5. they really doing different, fruit platters come 1st...
    the dumpling so so so tempting, i hope have chance to try out~

  6. Sounds good, will add this place to my list. I'm looking for a nice place to bring my in laws for makan. :)

  7. photo itself shown really taste good. always like chinese cuisine . this is so fine.

  8. wow! love all your photos shared here....I am so so tempting to try the crab rice :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. Claypot Snow Crab Rice, nuff said :)

  10. The setting at this restaurant is so classic. The food looks good also.

  11. Love the fact that they serve ftuits prior to the mains

  12. The setting of the restaurant is elegant. Food looks so tasty and authentic.

  13. Wow... really love how to food presentation looks like.. and it is so appetizing in your pictures... the place look great as well...will share with my non muslim friends

  14. lobster dumpling! would love to try one if there is chance! look so tempting yo!

  15. Woopps scrolling the food photos is making me hungry!!! Love all the pics and what a sumptuos meal you have =D

  16. That Lobster Dumpling in Superior Broth looks really interesting, will check out this place :)

  17. actually i find the food really amazing, it's unique and different from others and the taste is good too.

  18. wow the dishes so unique! I wanna try them out too boleh?

  19. all those foods are mouth watering, but the most tempting is fruit platter on ice

  20. I heard the food is super good and the Chef is very skill with their cooking skill

  21. All those look absolutely amazing! I want to try them all


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