04 March, 2016

Review: innisfree Jeju Ginger Oil Serum & Skin

innisfree latest Jeju Ginger Oil Range

During the season of winter in Korea, the cold temperature makes the skin feels extra dry hence Innisfree has something moisturizing for the skin to keep it radiant and glowing healthily.

Although Malaysia does not experience winter, but do you agree that the extra hot weather makes our skin equally dry and losing its radiance too? Therefore I'm prompted to try the latest Jeju Ginger Oil range, containing the goodness of ginger to moisturize the skin from deep within.

Jeju Ginger Oil line consists of 5 products-- serum, skin, rich serum, cream and warming mask. These products care for the moisture and nutrition of your skin during winter: 

Steps to use Ginger Oil products:
#1 Ginger Oil Skin with essence formulation
#2 Oil Serum / Oil Rich Serum which forms a thick moisturizing layer with rich nutrition
#3 Ginger Oil Cream which contains oil in the cream
#4 Warming Mask (Weekly), a wash-off pack with a sense of gentle warmth

innisfree Ginger Oil Skin (200ml) @ RM105.00

The skincare regimen begins with this Ginger Oil Skin after cleansing. It is a highly nourishing toner that contains natural xanthan gum, an ingredient that helps form a moist water protective layer on the skin.

Texture: Very lightweight liquid, hence can be easily absorbed into skin.
Feel: Smooth, moist feeling on the skin without sticky residue.
Scent: Smells refreshing like lemon with very mild gingery scent despite of the high concentration of ginger.
innisfree Ginger Oil Serum (50ml) @ RM132.00

The star product within this range is of course the highly nutritious Ginger Oil serum, containing 40% concentrated ultra-fine ginger oil.  What's special about it is the combination with macadamia nut oil and olive oil, providing both the rich gloss of oil and nutrition of serum to improve skin moisture and glow.

Texture: Lotion-like. Plus, the ginger oil is stabilized in extremely fine micro-size form, hence the texture is light without any greasy residue.
Feel: Slightly warm on the skin. Despite of the high oil content, the product is actually water-soluble, therefore easy to absorb rapidly into the skin. 
Scent: Slightly richer in ginger scent, but very pleasant to my liking.

It does a pretty good job on my dry skin. But for super dry skinGinger Oil Rich Serum (50ml @ RM132.00) is more suitable to boost moisture while relieving skin tightness and reducing dead skin cells as it contains nourishing argan oil. 

Let's enjoy a gingery day!
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