28 April, 2016

REO Suite @ One City, Subang-- To Buy or Not To Buy?

Have you ever thought of owning your own home despite of the ever rising house prices? I did a survey previously, a typical condominium can easily cost RM500,000 nowadays, and the installment goes at least RM1,200 per month. It is totally impossible for fresh graduates like myself :(

But recently my friend told me that it is actually possible, because he has recently visited a showroom in Subang priced as low as from RM296,000 onwards and thought I might be interested too.

Honestly, I couldn't believe it (Seriously, is there still such good deal in town?) until I decided to experience it myself. REO Suite, the final phase of renowned One City development to be completed in the second quarter of 2020, is probably our final opportunity to own a prime property within the mature suburban enclave of Subang USJ.

The latest SOFO (Small Office Flexible Office) style suite comes in 3 types-- Studio and 2-rooms units with built-up sizes of 370, 454 and 609 sq. ft., and price ranging from RM296,000 to RM602,550.

At the showroom, I am totally blown by its beautiful futuristic interior design! Despite of its compact size per unit, I love how the layout is so versatile yet practical that you can easily convert your home to office or vice versa.

Isn't it very modern and cosy here, after being decorated with different space-saving furniture and fittings?

No more frustration of having to travel to and fro your workplace and endure the traffic congestions!
At another show unit of the studio suite, I am attracted by the wide glass panels and breathtaking views of the surrounding, simply perfect to be used as creative office space.

As co-working is a growing industry in the US, I really like the concept of having a group of people working in same environment but they are not employed from same employer. Perhaps this will be the new trend in Malaysia soon! 

Don't belittle the size, it is spacious enough to fit a pantry area, and probably a bar counter too.

Another idea I thought of is to convert it into an airbnb accommodation and earn high rentals from the guests. Just let your creativity juice flows and design your own space for different purposes!

At the end of the showroom tour, I can't find a reason of not owning such a beautiful place in the city in making! I'm absolutely sold by its excellent design, facilities and accessibility of REO suite. 

A space for inspiration; Live, play, work and study all under one roof.
That's where we create the new self-sustained and self-contained environment.

Oh did I forget to mention about its strategic location next to One City Mall, well-established connection to the rest of Subang and KL City via LRT and 5 major expressways in the upcoming years.

I have not seen the rooftop facilities (such as BBQ Pits, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Infinity Pool, Poolside Deck, Zen Garden, Garden Library, Dance Studio, Gym, Multipurpose Hall and Meditation Room) by myself yet, but such facilities certainly add brownie points to the development. 

Honestly, I am tempted to get one unit here. If you are keen on having an office / investment,
I think you should make a visit there and discover this last piece of hidden gem yourself!

For more information, kindly visit:
MCT Facebook Page: fb.com/MCTBHD
REO Suite: reo.com.my

27 April, 2016

PAYOT Paris HYDRA 24+ : Hydration + Anti-Aging Prevention

Today I'm going to introduce a new skincare range by PAYOT Paris, a renowned professional beauty expert brand since almost 100 years ago. I am really excited to be able to enjoy such a lovely session with the international trainers who flew all the way from Paris to meet us in this Hydra 24+ beauty affair. 
The latest addition to PAYOT's skincare family is this Hydra 24+ range. Despite of what its name may suggest, it is not "just another hydration line" that you encounter in the market. Going beyond hydration, this range works effectively in anti-aging prevention with extra super defence

I love the aquatic ice blue packaging that brings a sense of freshness and moisture. Comprising of 4 items-- Gel Cream, Cream, Mask and Eye Cream-- the Hydra 24+ range is suitable for all skin types be it dry, normal or combination skin :)

Dedicated for women seeking authentic luxury to experience beautiful, forever-young skin, PAYOT Hydra 24+ is a line of dermo-sensorial skincare for soft, comfortable and plumped skin. It is a unique alchemy between sensoriality of products and innovative formula which features Hydro Defence complex that draws its benefits from water-saturated fruits: Watermelon and Fig.

Well, that may sound too technical. But basically what it does is to
(1) Hydration: Improves water circulation and locks moisture in the skin, 
(2) Youth Protection: Stimulates cell energy production to preserve youth, and
(3) Super Defence: Protect the skin against  harmful effects of pollution and free radicals.

 HYDRA 24+ Gel Creme Sorbet (50ml jar)

The key of hydration usually falls within the facial cream. Here we try the lightweight gel-like cream which is applied lightly over cleansed face. The first whiff? A sparkling freshness of citrus with subtle hints of floral fragrance. So delicate and mind-soothing! 

Benefit: Instantly refreshes and plumps the skin
Feel: Fresh, smooth and silky melt-in texture on the skin
Perfect for: Oily and combination skin
When to use: Morning 

HYDRA 24+ Creme Glacee (50ml jar)

For stronger hydrating effect, the facial cream is ideal for dehydrated skin due to its thicker texture although both the Creme Sorbet and Creme Glacee are formulated using the same hydrating ingredients. 

Benefit: Intense 24-hour hydration and immediate, longlasting comfort
Feel: Slightly thicker and richer than the gel cream, but remains satin soft and non-sticky
Perfect for: Dry skin
When to use: Night

  HYDRA 24+ Baume-En-Masque (50ml tube)

If your skin is thirsty for pure hydration, then this mask is highly recommended! Just skip all the steps after cleansing, and apply this directly onto the skin. Simple right?

Benefit: This super-hydrating, ultra-fresh balm-emulsion quenches thirsty skin amd intensely nourishes the most dehydrated skin, leaving the skin soft like a baby.

Feel: Non-greasy gel-cream that instantly freshens up the skin 
Perfect for: All types of skin 
When to use: After cleansing (once or twice weekly)
How to use: Leave on and rinse off after 15 minutes; Or leave on overnight and wash off the next morning

  HYDRA 24+ Regard Glacon (15ml roll-on tube)

Lastly, don't you agree that our delicate eye area always need special care? This anti-fatigue roll-on is just nice to moisturize the delicate eye contour area, therefore reduces the sign of aging around the eyes.

Benefit: The metal ball massage applicator instantly refreshes, removes signs of tiredness and smoothes the eye contour.
Feel: Very thin lotion-like gel that adheres perfectly around the eye
Perfect for: All skin types, dry lines, dark circle, puffy eyes
When to use: Morning and night 

PAYOT Masque Collagene

But weekly skincare regime is also as important as the daily routine. At PAYOT professional salons, you are able to try the plumping moisturizing mask (for the face and neck) combined with special application rituals which feature unique massaging techniques to boost the effectiveness of the skincare products.

I really love how PAYOT not only cares for our face, but also for our neck too!
Each mask pack comes with 2 sheets of mask-- One for face, another for neck.

With the help of the little tool, massaging becomes easier and the skin absorption increases greatly!

For the best of hydration, along with sensation of freshness and comfort, Hydra 24+ is definitely
worth trying. The range is available in Payot professional salons from April 2016 onwards. 

25 April, 2016

Review: BERRISOM Korean Mask and Lip Tint now in Guardian Malaysia

I just can't stop falling in love with Korean beauty products!! ❤ Be it skincare or makeups, Berrisom  from Korea has lots of amazing stuff that wows me. Apparently it is a high-tech cosmetic brand that cares for the skin using the “AO% antioxidant formula” extracted from 3 types of berries and 2 types of blossoms.

From skincare to makeup, Berrisom has everything I need!


PIERROT: Green Tea for Moisturizing
SKULL: Black Rice for Brightening Care
BYEOLHUI: Red Wine + Adenosine for Wrinkle Care
PAEWANG: Pearl + Arbutin for Whitening

Facial masks don't have to be plain anymore! Made in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Berrisom character masks give me the first impression that they gonna make my beauty routine more interesting and fun!

The character masks are hit items with patented printing technology by using colors of raw material printed on 100% pure cotton sheets and absorbed a bottle of 25ml essence. So it will feel comfortable on skin and does not give any irritation. Shelf-life given is the long 36-month lifespan.

I'm really tempted to get more boxes of these!!

1. After cleansing, prep the skin with toner.
2. Place the mask onto the face.
3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes.
4. Gently tap the remaining essence to be absorbed.

Do I look like a ghost with this Berrisom Horror Skull Mask? Good to prank people with this in the middle of the night :P

Its Black Rice extract content coupled with ceramide and glacial water will be the best ingredients to turn the rough and dull skin clear, moist and tight. Overall, it feels very soothing and comfortable for tired skin like mine. ❤ 

If your thirsty skin needs more moisture, then the Berrisom Pierrot Horror Mask is the right mask to use. Thanks to its green tea extract, the dry skin will be more plump, soft and smooth. 

I also try the Berrisom Peking Opera Mask series in King character that contains Pearl Extract and Arbutin to help brighten the skin. Good for dull and tired-looking skin I'd say! It also comes in Queen character that tackles aging concerns such as wrinkle improvement with its highly concentrated Red Wine and Adenosine content to make the wrinkled skin more elastic.

I'm not sure why it has more "essence" in the mask packaging than the Horror series I try. So the excess can be applied on the neck, don't waste ya! Love the glowing effect it gives immediately after use. 

What I like about the Horror and Peking Opera Masks:
1. Thick high-quality mask sheet with interesting prints.
2. Generous amount of essence that can be easily absorbed into the skin.
3. Comfort and effectiveness on the skin.


However, my personal favourite goes to another interesting mask series that releases soda bubbles
 that contain sparkling water and fruit extract to exfoliate the dead skin cell and waste.

This wash-off type of mask comes in 3 variants:
PureTox Fruit (Apple + Grape): Reduce skin sebum and blackheads
Brighten Fruit (Lemon + Lime): Brighten skin
Aqua Fruit (Grapefruit + Peach): Moisturize skin

1. After cleansing, put on the mask and avoid the eyes and lips.
2. Put it off in 5-10 minutes as bubbles fill the surface.
3. Massage the residual bubble on the skin and wash it off with lukewarm water.

I'd first try the Aqua Fruit Berrisom Soda Bubble Mask for a boost of moisture into the skin. As soon as I cover the face with the mask, the bubbles will come up on the surface. It gives a slightly tingling sensation due to the carbonic massage, and this is normal. After the mask, the skin becomes much more plumped than before, with softer and clearer complexion!

What I like about the Soda Bubble Mask:
1. Thick high-quality mask sheet with fruity scent that freshens the skin.
2. Generous amount of soda bubble it releases and soothes the skin.
3. Comfort with slight tingling sensation that instantly brings moisture to the skin.


I realise that Berrisom is not only famous for its quirky masks but also popular for Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack which now comes in 8 colours to choose from. However, there are only 3 most popular colors available in Malaysia. Looking at the cute packaging, I just can't resist them and hence I got myself all 3 colours: 
01. Sexy Red
02. Bubble Pink
08. Virgin Red 

Apart from the natural ingredients used to formulate this lip tint, the most interesting part is, it is a peel-off type of lip tint. Just apply, wait for 5 minutes to dry, peel off and the tint will stay on the lips for more than 12 hours! 

Just apply an adequate amount evenly over the lips,
otherwise it might take too long to dry when using too much of the product. 

For more longlasting, intense and vivid colors, you can apply more amount and leave the lip tint to dry completely.

As it is a peel-off type of lip tint, the dead skin cells on the lips may come off along with the strip, so remember to exfoliate your lips before using it. The color can last up to 12 hours, but if your lips are too dry or oily, it will affect the color persistency. So do keep your lips moist all the time. 

Virgin Red, Bubble Pink and Sexy Red; Which is your favourite? 

Verdict: Overall, BERRISOM masks and lip tints are definitely worth trying because of its interesting concept and effectiveness! 

 What’s more exciting is Berrisom is now available at Guardian Malaysia nationwide.
Grab some masks now at your nearest Guardian at RM14.90 per sheet.
Psst… Guardian is having promotion in the month on April 2016: Buy any 2 Berrisom masks at only RM22.00. 
Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack are available at selected Guardian at RM29.90.

For more info, visit Berrisom's website at: http://en.berrisom.com

24 April, 2016

Review: AsiaSkin Stemcell 4-step Skincare Set

Hi babes! ❤  Guess what I just received at my doorstep? It's a set of skincare from AsiaSkin. No, it's not "just another skincare" brand, but something rather special I'd say as this series is solely plant-based, loaded with collagen stemcell.

AsiaSkin 3-in-1 Stemcell Skincare Set (Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream) @ RM90

No chemicals, paraben, mercury or hydroquinone; Purely 100% plant extracts formulated using French technology to cater for normal to sensitive skin. Whether you have any skin concerns or you have absolutely healthy skin, this is suitable for all, be it male or female.

To complement the 3-in-1 travel set, I complete my skincare regime with Asiaskin Stemcell Serum. In just 4 steps, the natural ingredients are able to tackle skin issues such as: 

     ✅Open pores
     ✅Overly oily skin
     ✅Dull / uneven skintone
     ✅Dryness / dehydrated skin
     ✅Blackheads and whiteheads

Stemcell Cleanser (30ml)

So I begin with my daily skincare routine with the Stemcell Cleanser, that deeply cleanses the skin with its strong anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties, while repairing skin and enhancing the level of skin hydration.

Texture wise, it comes in gel form, but lathers well when in contact with water. Make sure you use lots of water to foam up the gel. Hence, after using the cleanser, it does not feel dry or tight on the skin at all. In fact, it feels comfortable and "fresh" with the refreshing mint sensation❤ 

Say HELLO to brighter and clearer skin!

SPF Stemcell Day Cream (10g)

The skincare set does not include toner, but I always do toning first before applying day cream, to "prep" the skin so that it can absorb the next products better. Then here comes the day cream that helps eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles and other symptoms of skin aging.

The cream itself reminds me of liquid foundation, as it comes in a nude skin color. Despite of that, don't worry that it might be too light / dark for your complexion, because its lightweight texture blends very well into the skin without creating two-tone finish. 

I personally like the fact that it absorbs easily, provides moisture and protects skin from UV rays.
Definitely good to go as a day moisturizer cum makeup base! 

Stemcell Whitening Night Cream (10g)

For evening regime, it is the similar series of steps-- Cleanse, tone and moisturize. But the night cream from AsiaSkin boasts anti-aging properties that help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and aging effect. 

Having said that, I am surprised that it is more lightweight with gel-like texture, as compared to those heavy night creams I have tried. Plus, it is packed with anti-inflammatory green tea extract to protect the skin throughout the night.  

Stemcell Serum (15ml) @ RM75

For best result, both the day and night creams can be applied together with this Stemcell Serum to boost the antioxidant content and enhance the anti-aging benefits. After a prolonged use, the skin will appear brighter, clearer, more radiant and moisturized. 

The serum is more lightweight than the usual gel texture! This is quite close to gel-liquid, which can be evenly spread over the skin and absorbed thoroughly within minutes. Did I forget to mention that this skincare contains Argan Stemcell which is known for anti-aging?

After all 4 steps, the skin is now very nourished and soft, with no oily or sticky residue.

Here's a very short clip about my opinion on AsiaSkin Stemcell skincare series.

Feel free to contact AsiaSkin in whatever means and the team will address your needs as soon as possible!

Insyirah Beauty and Health Sdn Bhd
Lot. No. 614, 1st Floor, 
1 Borneo Hypermall,
88400 Kota Kinabalu,
Hotline: 019-8711144 / 088-484152
Instagram: @AsiaSkin.Official
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