27 April, 2016

PAYOT Paris HYDRA 24+ : Hydration + Anti-Aging Prevention

Today I'm going to introduce a new skincare range by PAYOT Paris, a renowned professional beauty expert brand since almost 100 years ago. I am really excited to be able to enjoy such a lovely session with the international trainers who flew all the way from Paris to meet us in this Hydra 24+ beauty affair. 
The latest addition to PAYOT's skincare family is this Hydra 24+ range. Despite of what its name may suggest, it is not "just another hydration line" that you encounter in the market. Going beyond hydration, this range works effectively in anti-aging prevention with extra super defence

I love the aquatic ice blue packaging that brings a sense of freshness and moisture. Comprising of 4 items-- Gel Cream, Cream, Mask and Eye Cream-- the Hydra 24+ range is suitable for all skin types be it dry, normal or combination skin :)

Dedicated for women seeking authentic luxury to experience beautiful, forever-young skin, PAYOT Hydra 24+ is a line of dermo-sensorial skincare for soft, comfortable and plumped skin. It is a unique alchemy between sensoriality of products and innovative formula which features Hydro Defence complex that draws its benefits from water-saturated fruits: Watermelon and Fig.

Well, that may sound too technical. But basically what it does is to
(1) Hydration: Improves water circulation and locks moisture in the skin, 
(2) Youth Protection: Stimulates cell energy production to preserve youth, and
(3) Super Defence: Protect the skin against  harmful effects of pollution and free radicals.

 HYDRA 24+ Gel Creme Sorbet (50ml jar)

The key of hydration usually falls within the facial cream. Here we try the lightweight gel-like cream which is applied lightly over cleansed face. The first whiff? A sparkling freshness of citrus with subtle hints of floral fragrance. So delicate and mind-soothing! 

Benefit: Instantly refreshes and plumps the skin
Feel: Fresh, smooth and silky melt-in texture on the skin
Perfect for: Oily and combination skin
When to use: Morning 

HYDRA 24+ Creme Glacee (50ml jar)

For stronger hydrating effect, the facial cream is ideal for dehydrated skin due to its thicker texture although both the Creme Sorbet and Creme Glacee are formulated using the same hydrating ingredients. 

Benefit: Intense 24-hour hydration and immediate, longlasting comfort
Feel: Slightly thicker and richer than the gel cream, but remains satin soft and non-sticky
Perfect for: Dry skin
When to use: Night

  HYDRA 24+ Baume-En-Masque (50ml tube)

If your skin is thirsty for pure hydration, then this mask is highly recommended! Just skip all the steps after cleansing, and apply this directly onto the skin. Simple right?

Benefit: This super-hydrating, ultra-fresh balm-emulsion quenches thirsty skin amd intensely nourishes the most dehydrated skin, leaving the skin soft like a baby.

Feel: Non-greasy gel-cream that instantly freshens up the skin 
Perfect for: All types of skin 
When to use: After cleansing (once or twice weekly)
How to use: Leave on and rinse off after 15 minutes; Or leave on overnight and wash off the next morning

  HYDRA 24+ Regard Glacon (15ml roll-on tube)

Lastly, don't you agree that our delicate eye area always need special care? This anti-fatigue roll-on is just nice to moisturize the delicate eye contour area, therefore reduces the sign of aging around the eyes.

Benefit: The metal ball massage applicator instantly refreshes, removes signs of tiredness and smoothes the eye contour.
Feel: Very thin lotion-like gel that adheres perfectly around the eye
Perfect for: All skin types, dry lines, dark circle, puffy eyes
When to use: Morning and night 

PAYOT Masque Collagene

But weekly skincare regime is also as important as the daily routine. At PAYOT professional salons, you are able to try the plumping moisturizing mask (for the face and neck) combined with special application rituals which feature unique massaging techniques to boost the effectiveness of the skincare products.

I really love how PAYOT not only cares for our face, but also for our neck too!
Each mask pack comes with 2 sheets of mask-- One for face, another for neck.

With the help of the little tool, massaging becomes easier and the skin absorption increases greatly!

For the best of hydration, along with sensation of freshness and comfort, Hydra 24+ is definitely
worth trying. The range is available in Payot professional salons from April 2016 onwards. 


  1. Payot is a powerful product its really good

  2. first time heard about Payot. Seems look good :D thanks for sharing btw dear

  3. I am hearing it for the first time but product looks quite promising.

  4. The little tool caught my attention! Seem it would be very comfort when using it to massage our face. =D

  5. first time heqard about Payot!! But their products looks so moisture!!

  6. I need this product so much as my skin look so dry and dull due to hot weather. Thank you for sharing this

  7. First time reading about this brand. Keeping our skin hydrated especially in this weather is definitely very important!

  8. Looks like a super relaxing treatment and facial they provide. It was good for Malaysian because of the weather now since it was dry and hot!

  9. My face is always dehydrating. Gonna rescue 911 before my ceremony. :)

  10. In this current weather, our skin do get dehydrated easily. :(

  11. hydration is the key to beautiful and youthful skin. it sounds very promising and i don't mind trying out this product yo!

  12. Their products looks very interesting. Anti-aging that what I need at the age of late 20s! specially that sheet mask. I'm so tempted to try☺️

    do drop by... GreenStory

  13. Gorgeous set of products. I loved the packaging. Is it a new brand?

  14. This product looks great ...I like the little too that can massage our face ~ I have not heard brand before when i go Paris...Looking forward for your updating post about this product ^^

  15. Payot seems like an amazing brand, just looks hydrating from the gel colour, and the mask seems so pampering too

  16. First time heard about this product. I'm not really know much about this but it seems the products turn out a good one for you.

  17. I was suppose to go for this also but got work to clear on that day so miss it.

  18. Love Payot! The mask looks really really good. I want to try that mask so bad!


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