28 April, 2016

REO Suite @ One City, Subang-- To Buy or Not To Buy?

Have you ever thought of owning your own home despite of the ever rising house prices? I did a survey previously, a typical condominium can easily cost RM500,000 nowadays, and the installment goes at least RM1,200 per month. It is totally impossible for fresh graduates like myself :(

But recently my friend told me that it is actually possible, because he has recently visited a showroom in Subang priced as low as from RM296,000 onwards and thought I might be interested too.

Honestly, I couldn't believe it (Seriously, is there still such good deal in town?) until I decided to experience it myself. REO Suite, the final phase of renowned One City development to be completed in the second quarter of 2020, is probably our final opportunity to own a prime property within the mature suburban enclave of Subang USJ.

The latest SOFO (Small Office Flexible Office) style suite comes in 3 types-- Studio and 2-rooms units with built-up sizes of 370, 454 and 609 sq. ft., and price ranging from RM296,000 to RM602,550.

At the showroom, I am totally blown by its beautiful futuristic interior design! Despite of its compact size per unit, I love how the layout is so versatile yet practical that you can easily convert your home to office or vice versa.

Isn't it very modern and cosy here, after being decorated with different space-saving furniture and fittings?

No more frustration of having to travel to and fro your workplace and endure the traffic congestions!
At another show unit of the studio suite, I am attracted by the wide glass panels and breathtaking views of the surrounding, simply perfect to be used as creative office space.

As co-working is a growing industry in the US, I really like the concept of having a group of people working in same environment but they are not employed from same employer. Perhaps this will be the new trend in Malaysia soon! 

Don't belittle the size, it is spacious enough to fit a pantry area, and probably a bar counter too.

Another idea I thought of is to convert it into an airbnb accommodation and earn high rentals from the guests. Just let your creativity juice flows and design your own space for different purposes!

At the end of the showroom tour, I can't find a reason of not owning such a beautiful place in the city in making! I'm absolutely sold by its excellent design, facilities and accessibility of REO suite. 

A space for inspiration; Live, play, work and study all under one roof.
That's where we create the new self-sustained and self-contained environment.

Oh did I forget to mention about its strategic location next to One City Mall, well-established connection to the rest of Subang and KL City via LRT and 5 major expressways in the upcoming years.

I have not seen the rooftop facilities (such as BBQ Pits, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Infinity Pool, Poolside Deck, Zen Garden, Garden Library, Dance Studio, Gym, Multipurpose Hall and Meditation Room) by myself yet, but such facilities certainly add brownie points to the development. 

Honestly, I am tempted to get one unit here. If you are keen on having an office / investment,
I think you should make a visit there and discover this last piece of hidden gem yourself!

For more information, kindly visit:
MCT Facebook Page: fb.com/MCTBHD
REO Suite: reo.com.my
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