20 May, 2016

Classic Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

An array of beautifully-crafted French desserts, a sip of premium TWG tea, and a charming lounge where you can spend your afternoon there relaxing with your family and friends; How does that sound like? Amazing? That’s why we are at Pavilions Lounge, in Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur for this classic afternoon tea experience.

For only RM84 NETT per person, you will get to enjoy a 3-tiered afternoon tea set served to the table, endless selection of hot pastries and desserts on the buffet table, as well as refillable TWG tea served in pot.

Honestly, I didn’t expect the portion of food to be so sizeable here! The 3-tiered English tea set alone is enough to fill us up despite of us arriving with empty stomach. Each set is meant for two pax sharing.

Ambiance wise, I have no complaints at all! With the soothing gentle flow of cascading water as a backdrop, the lounge’s atrium dramatically reaches into the mezzanine floor as a base for an upper-level fountain.

Good food comes hand in hand with lovely music here, do enjoy the soothing live tunes played by the pianist from 2pm to 5.45pm everyday. Sinking myself into the comfy sofa, my cosy evening gathering with family and friends couldn't be more perfect than this! 

If you plan to stay till late, why don't grab a glass of cocktail while
listening to the talented live band singers to spend the lovely evening? 

From the top tier of the tea set, I am already hooked with the freshly-baked scones which come in 2 flavours: Plain and Raisin. I just love to add a generous slab of thick clotted cream and let it melt away in the mouth, bursting with creamy and milky goodness.

Sandwiches and Mini Wraps 

But some may prefer having the savouries first, hence let’s check out the second tier. Composed of 3 items per pax, the Open Face Scottish Salmon Sandwich and Creme Fraiche on Rye Bread is my personal favourite as the thick smoked salmon melts perfectly in the mouth with juicy goodness. 

Both the Truffle Scented Egg White Salad Sandwich and Smoked Turkey and Gem Lettuce Mini Wrap with Fresh Pineapple sound simple but I enjoy the unique touch added into it. Lighter and healthier to my liking!

Lemon Curd Tartlet, Raspberry Tartlet, French Macaron

The bottom layer of the tea set is all about the beautifully-crafted sweets. I am pleased that the Raspberry Tartlet and Lemon Curd Tartlet are more refreshingly tart and fruity that I'd thought. As for the Chocolate Macaron, its sweetness is so mild and guilt-free for me.

Don't forget to wash down the delicacies with a cup of freshly brewed TWG premium tea. In fact, each diner can enjoy up to 3 pots of TWG tea (meaning that you can try 6 flavours altogether if you dine with another person), and they are all refillable! 

Just pick your favourite from the wide selection of TWG tea such as my all-time favourite Silver Moon, Grand Wedding and Magic Flute, as well as the classics including English Breakfast, Moroccan Mint, French Earl Grey (and the list goes on).

If you are still feeling peckish, there is a wide selection of hors d'oeurves and baked goodies available on the buffet spread. Fresh-from-the-oven items such as Chicken Pot Pies and Quiche Lorraine are great options for the pastry lovers as appetizers, before moving to the wonderful dessert spread. 

Hot Dish
Quiche lorraine
Chicken pot pie
Crab cake with aioli
Homemade sandwich
Cucumber and dill cream cheese on caraway bread

French Sweet and Pastries
Red Velvet Cake
Raspberry Tartlet
Chocolate Chip Muffin
Apple Crumble Cake
Rustic Carrot Cake
Marble Fruit Cake
Chocolate Eclair
Assorted Cup Cake
Mini Chocolate Fountain with Berries

Those with sweet tooth are sure to be overjoyed when seeing so many French desserts on the buffet bar. The dainty cakes are just so tempting that I must try at least some of them although I am almost full to the brim. I particularly like the classic French eclair, so crisp on its hollow shell and creamy good inside.

Mousse Cake

Red Velvet and Financier Cake

Cheese Cake

The cheesecake has definitely liven up to my expectation when it melts in the mouth with a cotton soft, light and pillowy texture. Nothing too thick or dense; It is just perfect even for non-cheese lovers. 

Chocolate Fountain with Berries and Marshmallows

Who doesn't love Chocolate Fountain? Imagine that alluring scent of rich chocolate, welcoming you like a waterfall, allowing guests to dip a variety of fruits and desserts, creating delicious chocolate coated delicacies. Don't forget to grab some gummies, freshly-baked cookies and pavlovas from the jars too.

Cookies in Classic Jar
Green Tea and Raspberry Pavlova
Candied Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Macadamia Cookies
Homemade Cookies

Overall, it is a relaxing afternoon well-spent with good tea, delectable pastries and desserts,as well as great companions. Be it with friends, family or your other half, an afternoon spent together couldn't be more perfect than this.

Classic Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial
Venue: Pavilions Lounge, Mezzanine Floor
Time: 2pm – 5pm daily
Price: RM84 NETT per person (RM42 NETT per child of 9-12 years old)
Reservation: +603-2717 9027

Sheraton Imperial Hotel
129, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2717 9027


  1. Looks like a real treat and the food quality looks so much better than many other tea places. Especially that salmon sandwich ooooo

  2. OMG! My favourite tea salon! was passing by last weekends and i love the piano playing! so nice

  3. The dessert selection are very nice. The place got really great ambiance no?

  4. those are some super yummy treats for tea time... I want some too... have to try to get hubby to bring me there... hahaha

  5. Wah love this kind of classy environment! Can enjoy desserts and girl talks here :)

  6. What a rich array of delectable pastries. The price seems reasonable to me, too.

  7. Desserts look so beautiful and lovely
    I love eclair so much.. ohhh make me
    Feel hungry n need to find.. crying

  8. so enjoyable! Love having hi-tea too!

  9. Great place for a relaxing high tea moment with friends, love this :)

  10. Nice! Now i have more option for hi-tea session with girlfriends!

  11. I like their mini Red Velvet and Financier Cake, too cute to eat.

  12. Oh wow the spread at imperial looks amazing. The desserts seem so tempting too :)

  13. Love the environment and food. I love having hi-tea at there. :)


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