01 May, 2016

Fashion 101: Workwear Essentials for Chic Career Women

As some of you may be aware, I have just entered the working world not long ago. Goodbye to those fancy hair colors and fashionable pieces that I used to put on when I was a full-time blogger. Recently I have replenished my wardrobe with plenty of presentable workwear from Vodelle which I find fashionably suitable for my white-collar job.

Being a frequent online shopper, I have no issue about the fit, length and size of each outfit. However, I notice most online shopping sites have limited choices of workwear, but I am glad to find numerous versatile pieces from Vodelle which can easily fit into any occasion.

My working attire will not be boring anymore! Here's my office fashion diary for a week:

Colorful Jumpsuit Dress from Vodelle
Peach Tote from Zalora
Strapped Buckle Sandals from Happy2u.my

No more Monday blue! Instead of plain dresses, why not put on a colorful shift dress to lift the mood and kickstart the day with positive vibes? Love those lovely prints and loose fit! Depending on what you pair with, it can be more sophisticated by adding a sleek work tote and pointed heels. 

Two-Piece Button Top with Long Pants in Dark Grey

But if I am out for meetings, usually I will keep my outfit to the basics but I never go for those boring collared shirts and slacks. That's where I find culottes suitable for work as well. It defines the waist and hides all my fats around those elephant legs :P My current favourite style!!


Short-Sleeve Culottes in Black

Jumpsuit in culotte style is my current favourite too! Sometimes all you need is less.
Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance 

Long Sleeve Dress with Slit- Brown

On one of the days, surely I want to wear something more comfortable yet cute to work. There comes the thick quality cotton material that helps me keep warm in the office, with a super kawaii self-tied bow that defines the waistline and adds a cute touch to the dress. 

Green Skater Dress in Sweetheart Neckline and Asymmetrical Length from Vodelle
Floral Bowler Bag from Cath Kidston
Grey Pointed Heels from Happy2u.my

Friday is all about unwinding and partying after work, don't you think so? At work, the combination of heels and blazer over the skater dress will pull off a more sophisticated look, suitable for formal occasions. After work, the dress on its own gives a totally different look for a lovely Friday date :) 

Denim Culottes from Vodelle
Red Crossbody from Lazada
Silver Chain Necklace from Forever21
Strapped Red Platform Heels from Happy2u.my

For a casual Saturday, I'd usually put on something more laidback and go for a cup of coffee with friends after work. The denim material for this culotte jumpsuit is quite thin, so don't worry about combating the hot weather in the country!

Printed Puffy Midi Skirt in White from Vodelle
Stripe Crop Top from TapasFashion
Floral Bowler Bag from Cath Kidston
Grey Pointed Heels from Happy2u.my

Sunday is my favourite day among all, because it's all about having high tea and chill with the girlfriends ❤ For a girly girl date, this beautiful white puffy skirt is just perfect. Taking a closer look, it is printed with floral motives, so sweet right!

Key in the code below to enjoy 10% DISCOUNT at www.vodelle.com:

Anyway, I gotta go shopping at Vodelle now; Can't wait to show you guys my shopping haul for May!


  1. Definitely each clothes its depend with the location and places where you should visit almost its not bud its loook mwaaa

  2. Wow..You are good in mix and match for your clothes ~ Write more about this kind of post . I'm looking forward to see it ~

  3. Those outfits really look simple yet amazing. Will jot down this as I'm kinda noob in fashion line.. ^^''

  4. Love all the look dear! You can really pull off those outfits really well. Most of them look very classy and elegant for working ladies :)

  5. definitely PA or general manager material with all these amazing clothes.... LOL

  6. phewwitt* Love those looks on you. You look elegant and classy. Will check out the website and get some for myself! Thanks for sharing.

  7. We can find chic and OL clothes from one website! This is really cool I love all your outfit babe =D

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  9. wow!!!you look so beautiful in every outfit!!!

  10. How lucky that you get to find so many different outfits and yet carry them off so well. After working for so long, I think I prefer my company to assign me uniforms.

  11. Am a working woman and I loved these suggestions. Am going to try a few.

  12. Gorgeous outfits and perfect to make any dull into a lively one.

  13. Nice! Love your style. I am so in love with the culottes too, but I am too short to pull it off. Sad.

  14. you are blessed with the perfect body to carry any of these amazing outfits beautifully, such an inspiration and fashionista

  15. i wish i'm as pretty as you.. and as much accessories and dress as you. then can take lots and lots of shots like these. then i can be superman.

  16. Wow, I love all your outfits, especially the Saturday one :)

  17. I love those dresses and outfits especially the sunday one.

  18. wow!! Vodelle sponsor you or you bought one?? I love Saturday one!! But then I couldn't find it in their website. Is it jumpsuit? If yes, I couldn't buy it though as I always want to go toilet one lol


  19. Like all your working outfits sharing in your post! Will explore the site for my shopping soon....
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  20. Wow... Still have the time to take care of fashion when working. hahaha... ><

  21. You could be a great model Fish! love your outfit especially the Denim Culottes! <3


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