17 May, 2016

Review: Dr. Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation + Vitamin C Serum

Hello! Guess what am I holding on my hand?  A friend recently introduces me this local brand called Dr. Irma. For now, Dr. Irma carries only 2 star products under its brand, namely Whitening BB Serum Foundation and Radiant White Vitamin C Serum.


Every morning, I used to cleanse the face and apply moisturizer, then followed by makeup. But with this serum foundation, I can easily skip the moisturizer step and just apply the serum foundation directly onto cleansed face.

It is a 2-in-1 Whitening and Skin Repair Serum + Full Coverage Liquid Foundation with UV protection of SPF35++, specially catered for all skin types to brighten all skin tones.

It also contains collagen and apple stem cells imported from France that work wonders on the skin. The benefits include:
          - Repair skin texture
          - Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
          - Enhance skin elasticity

Whether you have dry, acne-prone or oily skin, this product is suitable as it reduces sebum secretion and provide long-lasting hydration. For those with acne issue, this will be helpful as it can treat pimples within 24 hours up on application.

Texture wise, it is very liquid, with almost lotion-like consistency. So I like the way it can be easily applied and blends well over the skin for quick absorption of nutrients. Thanks to its licorice, vitamin C and concentrated fruit essence content, it can help brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation in just 3 days.

How To Use:
1. Apply with finger onto chin, cheek, nose and forehead, then blend evenly in outward motions.
2. Use buffing brush to airbrush over the skin for a lighter, more even coverage. I'd prefer using beauty blender for better effects.

I am amazed that it can be both skincare and makeup at the same time, in just 1 step, and 1 single “Dr. Irma Signature Shade” that brightens any skin tone. Each bottle can easily last for 2 months depending on usage.

Although the shade is slightly darker and pinkier than my skin tone, but don't worry, it will blend well onto any skin tone and create a luminous, healthy glow. Speaking of its long-lasting effect, I am pretty satisfied with its coverage for more than 12 hours without oxidation.


For better results of skin brightening and radiance, Dr. Irma introduces this Vitamin C Serum to be used together with the serum foundation. Unlike many Korean Vitamin C Serums I have tried which are more concentrated, this is much more lightweight and not as "orangey" in color. 

Dr. Irma combines flower and plant extracts from the Alps, Himalaya and Mediterranean that contain high antioxidants to promote collagen, repair and beautify skin.

Enriched with aloe vera, the serum is milder and more soothing on the skin. (Because highly concentrated Vitamin C Serum usually give tingling sensation that might be uncomfortable for some). 

The aloe vera helps to:
          - Whiten skin
          - Reduce acne
          - Hydrate skin
          - Tighten skin
          - Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
          - Combat pigmentation and scar
          - Reduce excessive sebum secretion

How To Use:
1. Press on the button of the bottle cap to suck in essence, then apply directly onto T-zone, cheek and chin. One pump is sufficient for the entire face.
2. Don't forget to massage gently in circular motions until fully absorbed.

From the scent itself, I can tell that a medley of essential oils have been injected to maximise the skin repair function. The herbal-floral scent is so strong yet pleasant!

Best used in both day and night for quicker, better results.

1. I love the ease of use of the serum foundation and Vitamin C serum. So easy to apply and blend quickly over the skin without feeling heavy at all.
2. It is helpful to fix uneven skin tone and repair the skin from within. Definitely no pore blockages!
3. A prolonged usage is able to give the skin better radiance and brighter complexion :) 

The products are registered under Ministry of Health in Malaysia,
hence contain no harmful ingredients and safe for use.

To purchase, please WhatsApp +6018-9867511, or reach the team via:
Instagram: DrIrma_Official


  1. interesting as dont know of this til read here. shall check their fb soon.

  2. interesting as dont know of this til read here. shall check their fb soon.

  3. I think I have heard dr irma brand before but couldn't recall. but I can see the serum absorb into your skin very well.

  4. Hmmm... the price is pretty affordable... not bad.. looks interesting and worth to check out

  5. sweet.. so many beauty products. I wanna start using la like this. Wana be leng leng also leh.. just like fish.

  6. I have not try this brand before, the packaging looks elegant too.

  7. First time hearing this brand. the products look interesting.

  8. First time heard about this brand. Really suit your skin la *.*

  9. The packaging looks expensive but from what you wrote, it works right, so I don't mind if something like this is slightly pricey.

  10. sebelum pakai pakai produk ni muka saya teruk sangat sb pakai produk malaysia skrg ni yg main timbang..tapi sekarang setelah sy menggunakan set radian dr irma muka sy terus kurang bintik2 merah n kusam dr irma dia merawat balik kulit sy even sy berhenti guna masih normal..👍👍👍


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