06 June, 2016

Ephyra "Love Your Skin" Awareness Campaign

Hi babe! I am not sure if you are aware of the danger of UV rays, but long exposure to bright sunlight and harmful UV rays can cause skin issues including skin cancer, as explained by Dr. Hatun Deleila Azrai, Aesthetics and Beauty Specialist during the "Love Your Skin" awareness campaign held by Ephyra.

Acne, dark spots and uneven skin tone are common among ladies, causing many to lose confidence when meeting people. Even at the tender age of 20++, skin problems can be a threat to one's skin appearance, especially when the situation is not controlled with the right solution.

“Studies show that 80-90% of Asian ladies have skin pigmentation issue due to excessive UV rays exposure caused by the overproduction of melanin. In fact, melanin helps protect the cells from damage, but too much of it will cause an uncontrollable formation of dark spots.”

Hence, Ephyra's "Love Your Skin" awareness campaign is great to raise awareness among the public so that we will take better care of the skin due to the unavoidable UV rays.

During the event, Mdm Amiza Amiruddin, the CEO cum founder of Ephyra proudly announced the relaese of 2 new skincare products-- Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum and Ephyra Skin Snow Advanced White Repair Moisturizer. Not forgetting to mention Ephyra's ‘killer product’ which is the Ephyra Skin soap bar. 

Formulated with nanotechnology patented in Switzerland, the serum is water-based, hence has lightweight texture. Whereas the moisturizer with the Geno-White technology can easily be absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky or oily residue.

Packed with antioxidant ingredients such as Glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin E extracted from natural fruits, it is specially formulated to cater for the skin problems among Asian women such as dark spot, pigmentation, scar, and dull skin. 

Ephyra ambassadors, Memey Suhaiza and Norman Hakim also shared their experience of using Ephyra for more than 4 years. Moreover, Ephyra has succesfully reaped the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2015-2017 Award, allowing kredibiliti dan keyakinan pengguna tentang kualiti produk tempatan seperti Ephyra.

Anyway, I have just received this Ephyra Skin Care Series at my doorstep.
Can't wait to try it out and share the product review with you guys! 

For consultation and more information about Ephyra products, please contact:
Hotline: 019-3999 238 / 03-4141 7889


  1. This 3 basic products is very important for healthy skin ;)

  2. pengalaman zaza pakai produk ephyra sangat membantu rawat kulit zaza...now tengah cuba set nya pula..


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