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29 June, 2016

Human Touch Gift Ideas to Make Life Sweeter

The next Valentine’s Day is still long way to go, but who say Valentine’s is the only day for the perfect lovey dovey gifts? Just as I wanted to get some new accessories for my bedroom, I received a set of super sweet gift from Human Touch, delivered all the way from Bangkok, Thailand to my doorstep. 

I think this cute couple character called "Boy Meets Girl" is no stranger to you guys, right? I have seen them before, but I am just surprised that they are actually from Thailand. But if you haven’t heard of them, it's time to check it out and you'd be spoilt by the wide array of romantic gifting ideas and cute surprises on Human Touch.

Long Body Pillow (THB 2300)

I am not sure about you but I think that sharing the same pillow with my other half is just the sweetest thing to do while sleeping! Thumbs up for designing such a unique 19”x53” long pillow which fits nicely from one end to another end of a queen-sized bed.

*waiting for my prince charming to have an enchanting dream with me*

Yes, size matters! It is so comfortable to just rest my head on the fluffy, marshmallow-like pillow, or use it as a gigantic bolster. And the accompanying long pillow case is so cute right! I can’t think of anything lovelier than this for you and your other half.

Canphone Body Pillowcase (THB 1650)

Kiss Catcher Set - 2 Pillowcases (THB 1650)

Speaking of giving presents to your loved ones, friends and family, the gift ideas available on the company’s website can go beyond your imagination. Other than the tin can phone design I pick, there is a wide variety of couple pillow cases to choose from, each telling different love stories on its own.

Magnet Set - 2 Coffee Mugs (THB 2050)

It's not just about bedroom accessories! Couple mugs and tees are equally nice when you wanna express your love in the cutest way, be it from near or far.

Hi, are you attracted to my electrifying force yet? :P

Canphone T-Shirt for Him and for Her (THB 1250 each)

Whether you are getting something lovely for your own home use or as gifts to the loved ones, friends and family, I think Human Touch cute collections can be a great idea that makes life sweeter.

The best part is, they offer FREE local and international shipping, so distance can mean nothing to someone who means so much to you! 

Anyway, enjoy your shopping with Human Touch at:


  1. This is just so sweet... We all need a bit of human touch in our lives sometimes.... *wink wink*

  2. Canphone Body Pillowcase looks long and the quality seems good too. I'm sure my hubby will love it too.

  3. wow.. this is soc cute and indeed a great pressie

  4. so adorable!!!! definitely a couples thing..

  5. Wow I like the long pillow. Great for couples!

  6. The pillow is cute! The cartoons are cute too! My friend bought the similar pillow case when we were in Bangkok

  7. Your pillowcase is so cute. I love it. So adorable and romantic

  8. who is that mysterious man, new bf again?

  9. wow....i think i should get one for me and my bf...

  10. so cute!!! will consider it as gift for my friend. :D

  11. awww all these gift is super cute! Is a good idea gift for our love one <3 Why you hide your bf face XD

  12. wah, finally someone showing her other half eh? :P so bila face picture coming up?


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