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28 June, 2016

Unboxing French products: REALASH Eyelash Enhancer & Brow Conditioner

Hi, guess what came to my doorstep few days ago? It is the very much anticipated skincare for the eyes...
especially for those with short, sparse eye lashes, and very light brows like me!

Born in France, Realash Cosmetics is passionate about discovering wonderful properties of natural plant extracts to produce innovative, highly-effective beauty products to cater to different needs of the eyes.

While the Eyelash Enhancer takes the center stage, the brand actually carries other products specially for the eyes- Eyeliner, Mascara, Eye Serum, Brow Conditioner and more. I'm sure you can find one that suits you! 

Unwrapping the lovely mint-and-white packaging, I saw the two products that I have always wanted to try---
the all-time favourite Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner

REALASH – Eyelash Enhancer – 3 ml

Recently, the brand has come up with the improved Realash Eyelash Enhancer to stimulate lash growth with a completely safe formula. Compared to the older version, the new REALASH is improved to greatly reduce irritation and hence is more suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Plus, it has stronger growing effect and protects weak and damaged eyelashes.

What to expect after 30 days of use:
 Natural eyelashes 83% longer 
 Increased density of natural eyelashes (79% fuller)
 Less lashes falling out 
 Healthier-looking and more conditioned

Recommended for:
 Lashes which are naturally short or weak 
❤ Damaged lashes due to extensions, inappropriate cosmetics or falsies

Apply the Enhancer on the upper eyelid (Make sure the skin around eye area is dry)

All I do is just brushing through the lashes like how I usually use a mascara. And I can feel the essence on the lashes, slightly cooling and soothing.

But remember not to overapply, otherwise it might get into the eyes. Even if so, it does not irritate the eyes / skin around the eye area. So I think it suits people with sensitive skin well. 

BROW – Brow Conditioner – 4 ml

I admit I wouldn't leave home without drawing my brows. But imagine the hassle and time consumption everyday, I'd wish to own naturally thick, strong and full eyebrows! Thus, brow conditioner is what I need.

Its advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows, conditions and improves the overall look, creating beautifully defined brows. Positive changes can be observed after only 4 weeks, but a regular use of 2-3 months is recommended for the best result. 

What to expect after 8-12 weeks of regular use:
 Full and defined brows  
 Improved overall appearance 

Recommended for:
 People with thin, weak and very light brows 

Apply the Conditioner once a day, before sleep, from inner to the outer side of the brows.
(Make sure the eyebrows are dry and clean)

Honestly, it is so easy to use! Just a few strokes along the brow line is sufficient, and I don't feel anything at all. Totally don't mind sparing a minute of so every evening before bed, to apply this.

As you can see, my current eyelashes and brows are quite short, thin and sparse. That's why I am really looking forward for the result after 30 days of using these two products. Can't wait to share the results with you guys next month!

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @realashcosmetics

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