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13 June, 2016

Mamonde, Flower Inspired Korean Brand is Here in Malaysia!

Annyeong haseyo! Do you know that the Korean famous brands—Laneige, Innisfree and Sulwhasoo— are all under the same umbrella of AmorePacific Malaysia? Now I am delighted to hear that they are bringing in another new brand from Korea, named Mamonde!

Do you believe in the power of flowers? From the root to its stem and petals, AmorePacific Research Institute continuously discovers the amazing power and energy that the flowers possess, then incorporates them into the products and reinvents beauty.

Mamonde, a brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers through its flower science technology, means “My World” in French.

As much as I think the brand is posh and elegant, the skincare and makeup collections are surprisingly affordable, ranging from RM6 to RM169. This mid-range brand can surely attract loads of young adults and students altogether.

During the launch preview, a walk into the World of Mamonde brings us closer to the brand as we are introduced to the philosophy of Mamonde—Combining the floral properties of 5 key flowers with the exclusive flower science technologies.

As soon as I step into the Mamonde Garden, I am totally blown by its beauty, as if I am at a garden wedding reception! The venue is so beautifully decorated, with little details of flowers, wooden cabinets, and grassy flooring.

Mamonde’s product experience area is amazing, as it is full of all the sweet-looking products that wow us throughout the journey. Here are some of the floral skincare products that caught my attention:

Moisturizing and Hydrating: Demask Rose, Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossoms
keep the skin hydrated 24/7!

Anti-aging: Camelia, known for its therapeutic properties and ability to withstand
harsh weather conditions, is perfect for protecting the skin and reducing skin aging.

Cleansing and Exfoliation: Exfoliation, cleansing, purifying and youth restoration
can be easily done by the powerful antioxidants in Lotus Flower.

Mamonde Hand Cream Series: For moisturized arms, legs and body!

Vitalizing: Honeysuckle and Evening Primrose are great in improving cell structure
and skin elasticity, for a smoother and firmer skin.

Mamonde First Energy Essence (150ml) @ RM119 – Refreshing water-based booster for combination / oily skin.
Mamonde First Energy Serum (100ml) @ RM119 – Emulsion type booster to nourish and soothe dry skin.

Mamonde’s newly upgraded First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum, composed of 81.31% 1-year-old fermented Flower Vinegar obtained from Honeysuckle flowers. Speaking of that, don’t you think it is so sweet and lovely?

When other products fail to be absorbed into the skin, a booster like this surely comes in handy. It works wonder as a booster, so rich in antioxidants to uplift your skin, giving us an overall healthier and suppler complexion.

So after cleansing, I’d apply the First Energy Essence and Serum before the rest of the steps in my skincare regime, just to double the effectiveness of each product that I am going to apply. Make it the first step in your skincare routine, and you’ll be surprised by the beautiful, radiant skin in no time.

Not only that, Mamonde even has a full range of makeup products such as
lip-smacking tints, foundation, cushion packs, blusher, eyeshadow and more.

The Cover Powder Cushion is among the star products of Mamonde too!

Love the highly pigmented creamy tint that I'm putting on there! The shade is so sweet and Korean-ish.

Finally, the beauty session ends with a Flower Beauty Class that captivates us with all things floral. My fishiee artwork using the petals seem kinda childish, but don’t mind, I totally love it!

All Mamonde products are available at Mamonde’s first beauty counter in AEON Bandar Utama 
from August 2016 onwards.

For more information, visit Mamonde at:


  1. Can't wait for this brand to make presence in Malaysia soon. Love the power of flower in this products.

  2. Looks good ! When is it coming to singapore ? Can get it for my female friends

  3. Reminds me of Innisfree though! Looking forward to this brand soon!

  4. Aww... such lovely flowery event. Really need to check this product out as it do give me feel that its moisturizing and soothing product. <3

  5. I really love the fresh colours of this brand. I've not heard of it but I already like the products because of the packaging!

  6. Loving this brand and am all keen to find out more and wait for it to come to Malaysia

  7. The shade looks so pretty and lovely on you! Can't wait for it to launch <3

  8. Love their products! Can't wait for their official launch! I want their bb cushion!!! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  9. Looks like really good products. Like the decorations at Mamonde Garden.

  10. Looks like really good products. Like the decorations at Mamonde Garden.

  11. How is it? Maybe I should give a try ^^

  12. I read so many positive reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

  13. wow i suka mamaonde ! I tak pakai lipstick yang i menang haritu.. hu3

  14. eh, i thought i commented on this. hmm..
    love the flower theme. so pretty

  15. This is a new brand and loads of posts circulating about it. I liked the colors of the packaging.

  16. Can't wait for the launching in coming August ~ Hope park shin hye will come too..haha

  17. flower is always my type of product. would love to purchase one of their products.

  18. the packaging very nice, and i actually like that your outfit and bag are matching with the whole events! :)

  19. What a beautiful events~ Love their decorations here.

  20. cant wait for this brand to arrive wei, been eyeing their cushion since that day!

  21. I can't wait for their first store to open this coming August.

  22. Nice flower decoration event. Your bag and skirt very match this event, you looks very pretty.

  23. have not heard about this new beauty brand after reading your post. love your floral petal fish made :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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