05 July, 2016

Etude House 8th Anniversary Princess Night

Happy 8th Birthday, Etude House! 

Can’t believe time flies so quickly! It has been a good 8 years journey for this super sweet and cute Korean beauty brand, in inspiring the sweeties around the world to be daring to play with different makeup looks. In fact, it is one of the first Korean makeup brand that I started using when I first learned about makeups.

Celebrating the 8th anniversary, Etude House has thrown a birthday bash themed “Princess Night” to gather the friends of media and the brand’s loyal customers, and enjoy being a princess for one evening. I am glad to be invited for this amazingly pink party at The Majestic Hotel, KL.

Well done, Etude House team! The setting at the party was so lovely as the tables were decorated with fresh pink roses and there was a beautifully lit fairytale carriage taking the centrestage of the hall. It felt as if it transported to another dreamland filled with excitement and love in the air!

The rest of decors were all about Etude House's latest ranges of makeup products. There were just so many of them ranging from the popular Real Powder Cushion and all-time favourite lipsticks-- How I'd wish to own all of them! 

Not only that, lucky fans of Etude House were given the opportunity to walk away with beautiful SHEEN watches from Casio Timepiece Malaysia and beauty camera from Casio Exilim Malaysia. Indeed it was a rewarding evening for all! 

Although the babes and I were not lucky enough to bring this latest Casio ZR3600 beauty camera
home, but we managed to try it out and take as many wefie as we want there.

After having lots of fun taking pictures around, it was time for a yummy tummy treat from The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The 3-course meal began with a starter-- Caesar Salad with Cajun Prawn Skewer-- followed by a main course of Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breast served on a bed of Mushroom Risotto, and lastly a sweet ending of the meal-- Trio of Strawberry Panna Cotta, Mousse and Cheesecake

During the party, the special guest, Dave Kim, Etude House Professional Makeup Maestro came all the way from Korea for an exclusive makeup demo session, so that we can look as pretty as Koreans using Etude House makeup products. 

[Limited Edition] ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box - Vol.2 Dear My Sweet Box

On the table, we were surprised with the limited edition gift from Etude House-- A Sweet Box comprising Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Chiffon Lipstick in 2 shades and a Dear My Sunglasses from the Korean Optical W brand. How sweet is that! 

This lipstick collection contains 12 colors and is different from the normal lip products because of its chiffon finish-- meaning that it gives a well-balanced texture of Cream + Matte finish. It felt so soft, smooth, vivid and moisturizing on the lips! Plus, with the sweet packaging, I can't find any reason of not collecting the entire series of the shades.

We applied on the lips and gave Etude House a vivid kiss on the birthday card.

Before the party came to a close, the most important moment arrived... It was the cake-cutting session by the top management from Etude House Korea and Malaysia, followed by the group picture opportunity.

Courtesy to Etude House for this lovely picture.

Once again, Happy Birthday and may Etude House grows bigger and strongly globally! 


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