04 July, 2016

Workout 101: Panaz Slimming Pants

Hello, babes! Recently I have embarked on a new fitness journey-- Jogging and hitting the gym have become my routine, well, it's probably still a long way to go before I can lose away the fats and gain more muscles. But I am truly motivated....guess why?

PANAZ® Slimming Pants @ RM149

...because I wanna look great in the fancy sports wear such as colorful sports bra, printed workout pants, etc. For a start, I have bought few of them, and one which I feel really worth the purchase is the latest Panaz® Slimming Pants.

The name Panaz® is originated from our local language--"PANAS", meaning H-O-T! It's a super hot slimming pants, specially designed to:
Help us sweat more and assist weight loss
Maximize fitness routine
Help achieve slimmer waist and thighs
Improve overall well-being
Burn more body calories during our daily activities

It is suitable to wear ANYtime, ANYwhere, for ANYone from size S to 4XL-- whether you're watching TV, sleeping, shopping or exercising! Best to wear 3-5 hours every day for ideal result, so don't forget to measure your waist and hips every 2 weeks to check the result! 

Panaz® New Version slimming pants now comes in improved quality-- Beautiful pockets, thinner engineered fabrics and increased stretchability up to 25%! Looking at the inside of the pants, it reminds me of some nylon/neoprene-like material, but this is much thinner and suitable to wear under our local tropical climate. 

It is specially crafted in 3 layers:
Inner layer: Intelligent fabrics absorb sweat to keep your skin comfortable at all time.
Middle layer: Warming material, heat retention to burn body fats.
Outer layer: High quality fabrics, sculpted to your body curves.

I am wearing M size here, and I love how body hugging it is yet super stretchable. Great for workouts and outdoor activities which require lots of agile movements. The best part is, it allows for heat retention and absorbs sweat very well from inside, hence I don't feel the sweats on my legs even after exercising!  

 But, remember to take good care of it! I only hand wash it and hang to dry each time after wearing.
Do not soak, wring, iron, tumble dry, dry clean, or bleach.

True indeed, PANAZ® Slimming Pants is more than just a pants!

Overall, I love how well it wraps around the lower abdomen all the way down to the ankle.
Although tight fitting, I feel that it is super comfortable and gives me more flexibility!
I'm definitely looking forward to try out PANAZ® Slimming Belt next :)

Don't forget to visit www.facebook.com/PanazMY for more information!
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