14 July, 2016

Omakase + Appreciate Cocktail Bar @ Jalan Ampang KL

A cocktail affair at Omakase + Appreciate is like a love at first sight. The moment I step into this eclectic concept bar, I am intrigued by the staggering array of alcohols beautifully arranged on the rack, forming the backdrop behind the bar counter. 

Here you can find almost anything you can think of, and probably discover plenty of interesting liquors that you have not heard of. It feels as if there are countless bottles of cognac, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and the list goes on! 

It's my first time experiencing such "omakase" cocktail tasting session. This Japanese service style means "I'll leave it to you", in which the mixologists are more than happy to create a cocktail just for you. You name it, they'll do it.

Award-winning mixologists, Shawn Chong and Karl Too are amongst the men behind this bar. During my visit, I am surprised to see some skillful lady bartenders who whip up glasses of perfect cocktails for me. 

The cocktails not only please the palates of the thirsty cocktail lovers,
but the cocktail mixing styles of the bartenders also keep our eyes glued to their motions.

Blending service styles of Japanese and Western, they also have different menu for each mixologist. If you really have no idea what to order, feel free to try out the listed items. However, the creative team often gain inspirations from time to time, so do expect a different menu during your next visit.

Frankly, there is no one specific formula to design the perfect cocktail. Since each shot is fully customiseable, you  can choose your base liquor. Then, the sugars, aromatics and bitters will become the canvas for creativity, as the mix-and-match possibilities are endless.

We have downed more than 10 glasses of cocktails throughout the evening. Some are more potent and give a stronger mouthfeel, while others are easier to drink and come in pretty colours. 

After having a good chat with the bartender, I slowly get to understand what kinds of liquors are present in my martini glass. Sorry I am totally a cocktail novice! 

As I tell the bartender that I personally prefer something lighter with fruity or floral aroma and not as dry on the palate, every glass he prepares for me is just so lovely and suit my preference very well! Indeed an enjoyable drinking experience that I would learn to appreciate every single time the drink is served. 

My favourite of the evening is this oriental version of cocktail, featuring the distinctive Chinese flavour of aromatic jasmine tea, complemented with gin and other liquors. Interestingly, it is served in a traditional Chinese tea cup. 

The best part is, they often invite guest bartenders from around the region to prepare bespoke cocktails for the evening. If you are lucky, you'll get to try limited edition cocktails that bring the best of various elements together as one.

Another point that makes me fall in love with Omakase + Appreciate is, its tiny space that barely fits approximately 20 guests. It keeps the crowd small and therefore not too noisy while we enjoy our chats with a good sip and electrifying music playing in background.

A great, intimate night out with few friends is way cozier than hitting the club with a huge bunch.
Moreover, secretive entrance and location at an artistic part of KL make things a little more interesting.

1. Overall, it is a very interesting "Omakase" experience because you'll never know what's prepared for you. It makes things more interesting as every little ingredient is so well matched and measured to prepare a good cocktail.
2. Each cocktail costs around RM40, which is totally worth the experience and taste. 
3. Reason for revisit: Flawless service and unique personalized cocktails

Omakase + Appreciate
(Take the staircase one floor down, next to Mulberry Restaurant & Bar)
Lower Ground Floor,
Bangunan Ming Annexe,
9, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2022 2238
Facebook: fb.com/OmakaseAppreciate

Business Hours:
Tue-Fri: 5pm-1am
Sat: 9pm-1am


  1. wow nice . looks like a great place for a drink

  2. Sounds like such an adventure, I love the idea. I have been reading this japanese manga called Bartender which touches alot of cocktail mixing. And I am in love with this idea!

  3. Omakase style cocktail session?! Very interesting concept! I'm sure alcoholic lovers will find this a haven :)

  4. wow... So many different kind of drinks... but drink all and get stark raving drunk... LOL.... must be interesting to watch and see..

  5. I like to try these cocktails too. Hope I don't get drunk.

  6. I like to try these cocktails too. Hope I don't get drunk.

  7. wow, this bar looked awesome!! The cocktails is unique!!

  8. my most favourite place in town for a quiet bar and drink. really love the place for its uniqueness.

  9. I totally have zero knowledge on Omakase also! Not a cocktail lover, but you guys manage to try so many different kind of cocktail! I believe this is a new experience for you =D

  10. Mixing drinks is something that truly amazes me. Such knowledge and talent perhaps. And glad you had fun.

  11. so much win la you fish! :)... beautiful pictures, beautiful fish, beautiful alcohol :P

  12. I've never had an Omakase experience , although the drinks look tempting . I love martinis too. My favourite is Lychee. I wonder if they have that hehe

  13. Don't really drink cocktails but maybe i should try this out someday! :)

  14. Sometimes I like cocktails to chill also, they make good drinks there.

  15. The Chinese version of cocktail looks interesting. Love your nails dear

  16. ooh so nice, i really appreciate all kinds of cocktail too haha

  17. I loved the photos! Especially the japanese cocktails is such a beauty.

  18. wow...the japanese cocktails so nice!!!!Feel wan to drink it all!!

  19. My bar goers friends would definitely love this place. So many types of cocktails!

  20. Such an interesting bar. Would love to check this out soon.

  21. These all looked like a nice drink. Surely youve had a great night!

  22. I like how they create the cocktail. Impress with their skill. You must having fun and enjoy the cocktails

  23. I love the settings and the barista looks very serious in preparing the drinks. Hehe

  24. impressive skill! nice to see the barista prepared drink to their customer :)

  25. It's good to know that you've enjoyed the Omakase experience, those cocktail mixes looks refreshing and distinctive, like the review that I read from essaythinker.com, where the bartender skills where nightlight appreciated.


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