26 August, 2016

Review: Blincon 3-Month Disposable Lens from A-Look, The Mines Shopping Mall

When it comes to purchasing eyewear, I only go for trusted websites or physical stores that sell authentic products. Well, knowing the fact that there are so many fake contact lenses out there, we just gotta be more careful right?

One of the famous optical chain stores I usually visit is A-Look, which has numerous outlets around Malaysia but the nearest to my neighbourhood is located at The Mines shopping mall.

In the store, you will be spoilt with wide varieties of latest fashionable and trendy eyewear imported from around the world that meets the Asians' needs. Honestly I do not know what to pick when there is such a wide range of contact lenses available-- all in various brands, colors, duration of use, features, etc. They even have specialty contact lenses for Dry-Eye wearers or PC users.

While waiting for the staff to prescribe the lenses to me, I get to try on some of the frames there. Famous brands like Rudy Project, Oakley and RayBan are spotted on the sunglasses section, but what amazes me is the service of customizing power lenses into high curve sporty sunglasses which are not commonly done in other optical shops.

For glasses and sunnies, the staff there are helpful in explaining the best fit for different face shapes. For instance, round face wearers should avoid round or angled frame type whereas oval face like mine is suitable for box-type frames.

I wanted to try something new (that I have not worn before) but I have no idea what to choose until the staff recommends some according to my personal preference. I am surprised with the good deal in contact lenses they have there!

So guess what I have gotten from A-Look! It’s two boxes of 3-month disposable colored contact lenses from Blincon (www.blinconcolorlens.com). I have been using a lot of monthly disposables, but this round I try the quarterly disposables as it can last me longer at a lower cost. Plus, I don’t usually wear colored lenses at work on a daily basis.

If you do not already know, Blincon is the leading of 3 Months Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses that come in various fun designs and vivid colors that instantly enhance your appearance.

• 2 Lenses per box
• 3 Months Disposable
• Material : 58% Polyhema
• Water Content : 42%
• Country of Origin : Korea
• Base Curve : 8.6mm
• Diameter : 14.2mm

With bright, natural outdoor light:
The Romantic Aqua shade from the Jazz cosmetic contact lens series that I pick looks very natural under bright outdoor lighting. Taking a closer look, I notice it is slightly "sparkly" and gives the eyes a shiny and enlarging effect.

With indoor light:

With flash light:
Under flash light, the pattern on the lens appears to be more obvious. Nevertheless, it is comfortable even after an extended hour of wear (I usually wear it early in the morning when I go out, and remove it late at night. Highly NOT recommended because contact lenses generally tire the eyes.)

Anyway, the contact lens seem to be a good deal as it costs less than RM100 for the usage of 6 months! Definitely worth the value. Plus, currently A-Look is having contact lens promotion and other great deals in the store.

For every purchase of RM368 Armani Exchange Frame or RM298 Ray-Ban style frame (only in specified style) at any A Look outlet, you will get FREE Crizal contact lens.

Don't forget to visit www.a-look.com.my for more info!

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