13 September, 2016

[NEW Menu] Melon Desserts at Caffè Bene Korean Cafè

My Weekend Brunch Affair with Caffè Bene 

I remembered my first visit to Caffè Bene when it first landed in Malaysia and I fell in love with the bingsu since then. I even blogged about my experience HERE. Over these years, this popular Korean coffee and dessert chain has been expanding internationally, and you gotta try it if you have not.

Cosy, comfortable and family-friendly, it is Caffè Bene’s lovely interior that attracts me to spend my lovely weekend there—to enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino and warm crisp toast.

At every Caffè Bene outlet, there is an iconic vintage clock standing boldly, resembling that everyone in the café can stop the time and enjoy the best dessert and coffee moment there. Here it practises an order-and-pay concept, similar to many huge coffee franchises and fast food chains.

Latest “Melon Smile” Dessert and Drinks Series

Caffè Bene recently launched a new series of seasonal dessert, and it is all about MELON! Imagine the crunchy fruit that gives cooling sensation and loads of sweet juice, how can I resist it during this season?!

All the 4 new items in this dessert series have something in common: Caffè Bene’s special lemon base and chunks of melon flesh which are scooped freshly in each outlet. The sweetness comes naturally from the melon, nothing artificial ya!
 Melon Yogurt Bingsu @ RM27.35

So…why “Melon Smile”? Because it can carve a smile on you as you dig into the delicious desserts! Well, I am sure it does! Looking at this double-sized bingsu with colorful toppings of fresh round melon balls, dried coconut slices, dried cranberries and one scoop of Caffè Bene’s very own creamy gelato, I am really excited to dig into the crushed melon ice base!

I notice a lot of Malaysians actually enjoy bingsu layer by layer. But in Korea, the proper way to savour the bingsu to get the best of its taste and texture is by digging it from the center and mixing all the toppings with the shaved ice well.

In this way, each spoonful of icy cool bingsu achieves a balanced sweetness and creamy texture. The melon bingsu is not only refreshing on the mouth, but also taste healthy with the natural fruity sweetness.

Melon Snowflake @ RM26.50

If you prefer something smoother on the palate, the Melon Snowflake is a great option for sharing. Sitting on a bed of sweet shaved vanilla snow ice is the familiar toppings that we have tried earlier-- Fresh round melon balls, dried cranberries and coconut flakes drizzled with melon syrup.

But one thing I truly enjoy here is the silky smooth vanilla-flavoured snowy ice base that melts perfectly in the mouth with delicious aroma from the vanilla. Definitely my favourite as I love cream and milky desserts.

Melon Parfait @ RM15.80 

Unlike the traditional French-style parfait, the Korean version is not the ordinary frozen dessert with layers of fruits, whipped cream, and other goodies. Caffè Bene’s Melon Parfait is a smooth blend of melon concoction-- Ice blended melon base with melon chunks topped with whipped cream, fresh round melon balls, dried cranberries and coconut flakes.

You can easily quench your thirst and drink it like a smoothie!

Melon Latte @ RM12.80

If desserts seem a tad overwhelming for you, how about a smooth, creamy and refreshing melon drink instead? I love how this refreshing blend of fresh melon and milk exudes strong aroma of melon, and tastes sweet and soothing on the throat. Plus, the balanced level of sweetness is not overwhelming at all.

Craving for any of the “Melon Smile” item already? You gotta be quick, because it is only available until 31st of October 2016. As much as I’d wish this melon series remains in the permanent menu, the freshest and juiciest melon is only available during this season.

Hence, come savour the best of melons here with friends and family before you miss it!
Do check out the nearest Caffe Bene outlets: 

❤ Sunway Pyramid
❤ Solaris Mont Kiara
❤ Jaya Shopping Centre
❤ Da:men USJ
❤ IOI Mall, Puchong
❤ Gamuda Walk, Shah Alam
❤ Gurney Paragon, Penang
❤ Terminal Pahlawan, Melaka
❤ Vivacity Megamall
❤ Imago Mall

*All prices are inclusive of GST. 


  1. Looks yum and refreshing. Gonna go try tomorrow.

  2. Photos look so good! I love the Melon Snowflake too! Juicy sweet melon balls <3


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