20 April, 2014

Caffe Bene: Waffles & Gelato @ Sunway Pyramid

안녕하세요 Annyeong Haseyo! Recently Korean influence seems to grow stronger in Malaysia, I'm not only talking about drama but their food too. Opened its doors in March 2014, Caffe Bene is probably the next hottest Korean cafe in town after Tous Les Jours.

Located at Sunway Pyramid, the first outlet of Caffe Bene is highly visible from the main road of the mall, right next to the shopping haven, H&M. I have missed its grand opening event by Lee Kwang Soo, but now I am here to check out its food menu! 

Similar to its franchises in Korea, Caffe Bene serves coffee made from the world's best seasonally harvested fresh coffee beans to ensure you enjoy a truly exceptional cup of coffee. Here it practises a order-and-pay-first concept, where diners can pick their favourites from the menu displayed on the wall at the counter.

The contemporary cottage-inspired interior features bricky walls, wooden furniture and clear glass windows that allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate and brighten the vintage ambiance. I can see that the cafe is gaining its popularity very quickly, so come early to avoid long queues and difficulty in securing a table.

Meet Caffe Bene's friend, Befy! 

The standard waiting time here is about 15-20 minutes, depending on the crowd. As soon as your food is ready, the UFO plate will light up and vibrate, indicating that you should head to the food collection counter.

Caramel Banana Waffle @ RM14.00

Caffe Bene is famous for its authentic Belgian Liege Waffles that are made using a 56-year-old recipe that maintains the deep and rich taste from Europe. Although I find that the price is a tad steep, but it is worth a try and definitely a must-have for first timers!

Crispy on the edges, the waffle is moist and consistent in sweetness. Generously crowned with banana, walnut and whipped cream, I'm surprised that the waffle is not cloying at all despite of the drizzles of chocolate sauce. A great choice for those seeking for hearty breakfast or brunch!

Tiramisu Waffle @ RM15.00

If you're here for dessert or high tea, then you should opt for waffles topped with gelato ice cream. Sprinkled with cocoa powder, the espresso ice cream softens the waffle and melts perfectly in the mouth. Sinful but I simply can't resist it!

A beautiful mess which I enjoy during a perfect weekend afternoon 

If you're wondering about the portion size, the waffle is slightly smaller than my palm
but thick and generously topped with large scoop of Italian gelato.

Speaking of gelato, it is different from the usual ice cream as it comes in a creamier texture with rich flavor of fresh milk that fits wellbeing-oriented generation. Gelato here is also priced individually according to the number of scoops you prefer. 

The flavours range from the unique green tea, cream cheese, blueberry yoghurt and espresso
to the crowd's favourite vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Green Tea Tower Bingsu @ RM10.80 (Small)

Another noteworthy dessert in the house is the Bingsu, which means flavoured ice shaves such as StrawberryGreen TeaCoffee, Cookies and Cream. Matcha lovers would enjoy this perfect marriage of mushy red beans and green tea gelato sitting on a tower of green tea flavoured ice shave.

Bingsu comes in two sizes-- Small one is good enough for two persons sharing, 
while larger groups should opt for a large one (RM18.80).

 Each spoonful gives a divine texture in the mouth and I love the biting pleasure of the nuts
while the ice and gelato melt smoothly with a hint of bitter sweetness.

Green Tea Affogato @ RM8.00

Although I'm not a coffee drinker, affogato has always been my favourite dessert. Here I enjoy a welcoming change from the typical affogato that uses only vanilla ice cream because Caffe Bene also serves it with Green Tea and Cream Cheese gelato

....when the hot meets the cold.

Just pour the steaming hot espresso onto the gelato and enjoy it before it melts away! I personally find that this is a great combination, as the bold, strong aroma of espresso does not overpower the sweet, creamily smooth green tea gelato. Highly recommended! 

Opera Chocolate @ RM10.80

For the cake selection, it is limited to New York cheese cake and opera chocolate during the day I visit this outlet. Anyway I have decided to save it for the next visit before I exceed my sugar quota of the day.

Iced Fruit Tea @ RM9.00 (Regular)

Moving on to the beverages, my Korean citron tea is a refreshing blend of citrus fruits that give rich sour flavours that really wakes me up, just like how the label suggests. Don't be surprised of the price tag, because they use real fruits to produce this powerful Vitamin C concoction as I can see fruits pulp and skin at the bottom of the cup.

Garlic & Cheese Bread @ RM16.00 // Caramel Cinnamon Bread @ RM15.00

I'll definitely be back to try out their signature soft and sweet real honey breads in savoury or
sweet varieties. Not forgetting their range of coffee, frappeno and non-alcoholic cocktail too!

1. A perfect venue for brunch and teatime date over a cup of coffee. Love the top-notch quality of food that makes my dining experience very satisfying. Portion wise, it can be improved considering the steep price it charges on consumers.
2. Recommended: Green Tea Gelato and Tiramisu Waffles
3. If I have any complaint at all, it would be the limited seats and availability of food in the cafe. My advice for you is, be early and grab your waffle before it runs out of stock during midday (especially during weekends!)

Caffe Bene
Lot OB 5.G.2, Oasis Boulevard, 
(at Oasis Boulevard, facing the side entrance of the mall)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
46150 Bandar Sunway, 
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

Website: www.caffebene.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/caffebene.asia
Instagram: @caffebenemy

You can find Caffe Bene at other area too:
- K-G-04, Solaris Mont Kiara (9.30am - 12.00am daily)
- Section 14, PJ (Coming soon)
- Gurney Plaza, Penang (Coming soon)


  1. whoa u have tried so many of their desserts! impressive and nice photos btw =)

  2. Nice, would certainly love to visit this place!

  3. Last time when I went to Korea, Caffe Bene was huge (like occupying one whole 3-storey building) and can be found almost everywhere.

    By the way, I totally admire your passion for blogging. I couldn't even bring myself to publish 1 post per week. Gotta improve on that :P

  4. Haiz, this place has been blogged to death, no need to go already ~>_<~


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