09 September, 2016

Review: My First Experience of Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Treatment

As mentioned in my previous blog post during my first visit to ME Clinic, here's the long-awaited update on my very first CoolSculpting treatment there ❤ No idea what is CoolSculpting? It is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses cooling/"freezing" method to eliminate stubborn fats.  Hence, no needles, no surgery, non-invasive, no downtime.

In ME Clinic, there are 5 applicators which targets on different stubborn fat areas which are:

CoolMini Procedure: Eliminate double chin.
CoolSmooth Pro Procedure: For outer thigh and non-pinchable fat area.
CoolFit Procedure: For arm and inner thigh.
CoolCore Procedure: To sculpt abs waist and sides of body.
CoolCurve+ Procedure: For small body area such as waist and bra budge.

CoolSculpting safely and effectively removes 20 to 30% of fat cells in the area treated, but the effect is NOT immediate. It may take 4 to 8 weeks (and longer for the optimal result) for the result to be visible as fat elimination through natural body process requires time.

Some might know that I always complain about my bottom-heavy body figure. No matter how much I exercise, it is difficult for me to lose weight around the hips and thighs. Therefore, I go for the CoolSmooth Pro Procedure for those non-pinchable fat area.

Apart from the huge machine, here are some of the tools required for this treatment.

The procedure begins with the doctor's examination on the targeted area-- Dr. David puts a mark on both sides of my outer thigh area where the CoolSculpting applicator will be placed on later. Each side will take about 75 minutes of treatment time (In total, it takes 150 minutes for both sides of my thighs).

Then the nurses place a thin gel pad on one side of my thigh that helps CoolSculpting vacuum applicator to attach to the targeted area and insulates the skin during the treatment.

Once the gel pad is in place, the CoolSculpting vacuum applicator is attached to the area of desired fat reduction. It uses suction to gently gather in the excess fat, drawing it in between two cooling panels. 

The cloth wrapper is pretty tight around my lower body, to ensure the applicator is well-attached to the thigh. During the first 10 minutes, the outer thigh starts to feel some deep pulling, tugging, pinching, numbness and slight discomfort. 

After that, the feel is very minimal because the area is already numb by then. During the 75 minutes treatment, you can do anything such as watching TV, reading books, eating, etc. Totally no restriction at all, as long as the movement is minimal.

But for my case, since I have to sleep sideways and reduce movements, I don't do much except for scrolling on my Facebook news feed and playing Pokemon Go.

Right after the applicator is removed, you can see the redness on the treated area but it is gone in just a couple of hours time. Plus, the nurses help with a little massage, to reduce numbness and improve blood circulation. Totally no downtime at all! I can resume my routine immediately after the routine.

While the result will only be visible after 4-8 weeks (Depending on individuals), I am currently keeping a post-treatment diary which I'd love to share with you guys! 

→ Temporary numbness
→ Swelling on my outer thighs
→ Firm and tense on the sides

Late-onset pain during the second week, especially at night when I am sleeping:
The pain is sharp and it comes and goes throughout the night that it disturbs my sleep.
→ Tingling / pain when sitting / standing too long. So long as I change my posture at intervals, the pain will reduce.

→ Swelling subsides slightly
→ No more tingling sensation
→ The skin around the treated area remains sensitive

→ Nothing unusual. Continues with normal routine

Only 10-15% patients worldwide will experience the side effects (mentioned in Week 2),
hence I guess I am just being unlucky in this case. But the result will be proven, noticeable, and lasting!

Can't wait for another month and I can share the end result with you guys and see how well CoolSculpting works!
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  1. I hate running exercises so i just went for an easy solution which is the blue fat freeze system. It froze my belly fat while resting at home and reduced 3 inches around my waist in 2 months.

  2. I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular post amazing. Great task! Lifting without surgery

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  4. Hi,

    Good to see result but I'm afraid and thinking about the painful procedure as showing.
    Frankly, I also want to take Coolsculpting treatment but getting fear about its' procedure. Even I've decided an aesthetic center in Franklin, MA named as - Oasisaesthetic. Hope I'll get good result from this clinic.

    Your written content are very well.

  5. Hi,
    How's the results post this treatment?
    Cheers, Matt

  6. Having your weight within the normal body mass index (BMI) if very important in staying healthy and safe from diseases associated with the lifestyle. Mostly about fat freezing

  7. How much does the treatment cost?


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