03 September, 2016

Review: SCHORL Handmade Pure and Natural Glycerin Soap Bar

An aromatic solid bar, beautifully handcrafted with love, using the best of nature.
How can I resist such lovely soap for the face and body? 

I always love the idea of DIY Soap but as soon as I try making one by myself, I realise it is not easy to craft a perfect one. However, I am glad that there are many soap handmakers out there, and one of the handmade soaps I try recently is the Schorl Handmade Pure and Natural Glycerin Soap Bar.

I think this product is worth sharing with you guys because it is truly a “real soap” for the skin. What I meant here is the type of soap that nourishes the body without containing any harsh chemicals, fragrances, colors, additives etc.

Well, if you’re like me and love all-natural soaps, you are going to love these from Schorl.

Candle Bush Soap Bar
❤ Treats eczema and mild skin allergies, antipruritic
❤ Made of natural glycerin soap base
❤ Contains candle bush and pandan

Lemongrass Soap Bar
❤ Antibacterial, disinfection, carminative, skin conditioning
❤ Contains fresh lemongrass juice
❤ Locally produced in Malaysia

What do I love about these soaps?

1. The natural scent. 
Especially the Lemongrass Soap Bar, it smells so refreshing and feels soothing on the skin!

2. The feel. 
Unlike the commercial soap, it does not give an overly slippery sensation on the skin. I notice Candle Bush Soap lathers better than the Lemongrass Soap Bar, nonetheless both cleanse the skin very well, leaving soft and smooth feel on the skin. 

And the reason it feels so luxurious on the skin? Let Point #3 explains that:

3. The natural glycerin soap base.
Glycerin (or glycerine) is great for the skin and, lucky for us, is naturally produced during
the soap making process-- hence, ready to nourish our skin.

4. The simple yet functional ingredients. 
If you notice, the Candle Bush Soap Bar is added only with candle bush and pandan, whereas the Lemongrass Soap Bar contains fresh lemongrass juice. Simple ingredients, but candle bush is an excellent medical tree with very effective fungicidal properties and traditionally used to treat fungal infections such as ringworm.

Whereas lemongrass has a fresh, earthy scent to help us relax and revitalize with its refreshing, mood-brightening effects. Definitely a great choice for a refreshing and clean feeling on your skin.

The packaging is pretty simple, and the soap bar is well-sealed so that it does not I prefer cutting the beautiful big bar into smaller bars; it can last me longer in that way. At only RM28.00 per bar, I think it is a good bargain especially for those with sensitive skin issues!

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