14 September, 2016

Mix & Match Your Own Tinysand Charm Bracelet & Jewelry!

People often say jewelry is a girl's best friend, what's your say? Personally I am a jewelry collector, and I love little details on my necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. So don't be surprised when I get very excited over charms, trinkets and elegant pieces especially when I come across hundreds of charm designs on Tinysand Jewelry. 

From the basic bracelet to fashion glass and beads, the selections based on types and designs are endless there! Perfect for personalised gifts because they offer DIY Bracelets where you can mix and match the type of bracelet / necklace you want with various beads / pendants in multiple colors, designs and patterns.

Honestly, looking at the hundreds of designs available there, I’d wish to own all of them! Nevertheless, some of the special ones that attract me are Olive Leaf Beads, Layered Ripple, clear Murano Glass beads and shiny Cubic Zirconia beads that complete a perfect piece of bracelet.

 I love the emerald tones on it as it exudes an oriental feel, and adds color to the overall look of Tinysand Bracelet.
Good to go with any type of outfit, be it casual or formal!

Let's take a closer look at this combination. It comprises of:

My personal favourite goes to the cute Honey Bees Pendant (Bottom right at the above picture)  because of the chain that links one charm to another, giving an illusion as if it is made of two different charms. 

All of them are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver and fit well into any brand of pandora-style silver and leather bracelet. 

Good News for Ohfishiee.Com Readers!

For any purchase on www.tinysand.com, you can apply the code: FISH5 
upon checkout to enjoy 5% discount!

It's almost time to shop for Christmas gifts
So let's brighten your days with this dazzling European charms and bracelet.


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