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11 October, 2016

有間麵館 GO Noodle House: "Best Noodle in The World"

GO Noodle House, the haven for legendary Chinese Imperial noodles (三鲜麵)

Imagine a piping hot bowl of silky smooth noodles in delicious superior broth, exuding strong aroma of Chinese wine; How can one resist such a comforting bowl of goodness? This is the very much hyped San Xian Tang Mi Xian (三鲜汤米線) that you must try! 

GO Noodle House has been so popular that the queue takes up to 1 hour long yet people are dying to try its best-selling Superior Soup Noodle. At Mid Valley outlet, I heard that it can sell more than a thousand bowls of noodles a day! What makes it so popular? Let's check out if it is worth the hype! 

Originated from the ancient China, the legendary San Xian Tang Mi Xian (三鲜汤米線is dubbed as the Best Noodle in The World (天下第一麵) by the KangXi Emperor. Hence you can see the interior and decor here exude a flair of the Qing Dynasty era. 

*No. 1 Bestseller* Superior Soup Bursting Meat Ball (三鲜汤浆爆丸) @ RM10.40

GO Noodle House's reinvented version of the legendary imperial noodles is customisable according to your preference: 
Step 1: Choose Your Noodle
Mi Xian (米線) or Bee Hoon (米粉)

Step 2: Choose Your Soup
Superior Soup (三鲜汤) or Homemade Spicy Soup (秘制辣香汤)

Step 3: Choose Your Add-On
Pork Ball, Fish Ball, Squid Ball, Fish Paste, Pork Belly Slice, Clams, Frog, Scallop and more

Imported from its land of origin, the Mi Xian (米線) is slurping good! So smooth and it does not soften even after the entire broth cools. 

How about the clear superior broth? Very well-packed with flavours as this fish-based soup
is cooked for several hours to bring out the natural sweetness that your taste buds will enjoy.

The broth is so simple and rustic, yet very refined and tummy-comforting.

Also in the broth, we notice a faint hint of Yellow Rice Wine (花雕酒), a Chinese cooking wine which enhances the flavour of the soup. If you prefer stronger flavour of the wine, you can buy a bottle there and add two spoons of wine into the soup for an extra kick. 

The restaurant offers wine storage for customers so that you can conveniently enjoy your wine during the next time of dining in there. How awesome the service is! 

The older is the wine, the more concentrated it is, the more intense  flavour it has. Hence, GO Noodle House offers 4 types of vintage Yellow Rice Wine according to the years of brewing: 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and 30 years.

Just a little sharing about the wine-- The 3-year and 5-year vintage wines are suitable for cooking, whereas 10-year and 30-year ones can be enjoyed directly.

Here we are spoilt with choices for toppings, but our No.1 favourite goes to the Bursting Meat Ball (浆爆丸)-- Extremely bouncy on the outside, it "pops" in the mouth with very rich, porky juice. The minced meat inside is soft and punch-packed with savoury goodness. Highly recommended! 

Trio Special Dark Sauce (祖传鲜油乾捞) @ RM9.50
With add-on Fu Zhou Fish Ball (福州鱼丸) @ RM3.50

Another must-try noodle is the Pan Mee (Flat Flour Noodle / 板麵) here. Similarly, you can customise all you want: Size of the noodle, soup or sauce base, spicy or non-spicy version and various add-on items. 

Step 1: Choose Your Pan Mee
Thin, Thick or Tear

Step 2: Choose The Base
Dry base or Soup base

Step 3: Choose The Spiciness
Spicy or Non-spicy

Step 4: Choose Your Add-On
Pork Ball, Fish Ball, Squid Ball, Fish Paste, Pork Belly Slice, Clams, Frog, Scallop and more

Add-on: Fu Zhou Fish Ball (福州鱼丸) @ RM3.50

The dark sauce here is thick and wraps the noodles nicely with rich savoury taste, whereas the fish ball is equally bouncy but slightly softer outside. Overall, the portion is generous, tasty and not too dry for my liking.

Snack: Trio Platter (三品细味) @ RM15.30
Pork Rolls (五香肉卷)
Crispy Fu Chuk (脆香腐竹)
Pork Gold Coin (金钱肉乾)

It is not just noodle that they serve here. Traditional Chinese snacks are aplenty and I love the 'Gold Coins' which taste similar to Bak Kwa (Salty sweet dried meat / 肉干), absolutely delicious and you'll get hooked easily!

Don't forget to try the Fried Fu Chuk and enjoy the crunchiness in every bite too. 

Herbal Tea (红枣枸杞茶) @ RM2.80

Not a fan of noodles? No worries! They have another sister called GO Rice House (有間飯店) located just outside The School in Jaya One, offering a wide varieties of Chinese rice dishes and snacks such as the signature Lap Mei Claypot Rice, Homemade Leg Vinegar and more!

1. Overall, the dining experience here is fantastic. I wouldn't have thought such a basic noodle dish-- Noodles, superior soup, and toppings-- can be so satisfying and taste heavenly good!
2. Very pocket-friendly, considering the location inside a shopping mall. The average spending per person is about RM10 - RM20, depending on the portion. 
3. The only downside is probably the long queue in every outlet (Not just in Mid Valley, but also Jaya One, 1 Utama, Publika, etc). There is always a wait, especially during peak hours. 


Are you up for the game? If you really love the noodles here, you gotta check this out: 

Event: Go Noodle House - "Noodle Slurping Challenge" 
Date: 15th Oct 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Venue: Go Noodle House, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid (Oasis Boulevard, Lot OB.K9)

Just finish ONE (1) bowl of pork ball noodle within 4 minutes 30 seconds 
to win RM100 dining voucher and 1 bottle of yellow rice wine.

60 Sets of Prizes for You to Win!
Don't forget to come early to register and walk away with the limited number of prizes before they are gone!

Contest will end at 5pm or once all prizes are given away (whichever earlier).
It's FREE for everyone to join ya!

For more updates, keep stalking them on:
Instagram: @gonoodlehouse

有間麵館 GO Noodle House currently operates in 7 locations in KL/PJ.
Time to head to your nearest outlet and enjoy the delicious food!

Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, PJ: Lot 61-Pa, Block D, Entrance C
Publika, Solaris Dutamas: Unit A2-1-1
1 Utama Shopping Centre: LG-308, Lower Ground Floor
Da Men, USJ Subang Jaya: LG-06, Lower Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall: LG-059 (Next to MPH, South Court)
Sunway Pyramid: Lot OB.K9, Ground Floor, Oasis Boulevard
Pearl Shopping Gallery, Old Klang Road: Lot No.1-14A, 1st Floor


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