23 October, 2016

Review: Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Smooth Hair Treatment @ Number76 Hair Salon

October has been treating me well! I have been away for beach holidays two in a row, and the experience was amazing. The sad part of it? Tanned skin aside, my hair was badly damaged due to the strong direct sunlight and salty sea water. Thank God for listening to my prayer, I have the Global Hair Care Brand "milbon" to rescue my hair.

Number76 Hair Salon, the place where my tresses are well taken care of. 

Number76 is one of the first to launch the exclusive Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” in-salon treatment and hair care product range from Japan. In fact, this Japanese salon has been famous for its complete range of top-notch Japanese hair products and services, and now adding this new treatment service into its family is a great news for the fans.

The Japanese has spent over 50 years of cutting-edge research to use the ground-breaking ingredient to produce Global Milbon to specifically repair never-before seen parts of your hair, from inside out.

What is the powerful ingredient I’m talking about? It is the SSVR-Silk™ – A powerful, silk-based complex that “fills” the gap in every strand of damaged hair. What does it do?

❤ Intensively improve hair’s overall integrity
❤ Boost natural lustre from inside out
❤ Repair every hair strand intensely from deep within

Feel free to watch the Global Milbon video above to understand how does SSVR work.
(The video is in Japanese but the graphics are easily understandable!)

For heavily chemical-treated hair, the bonds of the hair weaken over time. I have experienced it once where my hair became so fragile with split ends and breakages that I had to chop it off. From then on, I always remind myself that my hair needs intensive repair before it is too late. That’s why I am super excited to try the new Global Milbon!

The Global Milbon Smooth Treatment is a professional 3-step deep conditioning basin treatment that takes a mere 10 minutes to complete! Well, you may be skeptical to its effectiveness. But the result is miraculous!
I am totally amazed by the great job it does within 10 minutes. The first step, "SMOOTH" is a hair product applied directly on damp hair to smooth and "prep" the hair for absorption of the next step. 

Secondly, the hair mask to "HYDRATE" is applied on top of the first layer. The hairstylist slowly massages the product into the hair cuticles, then applies the third step, "TOP COAT" to seal the nutrients and improve the broken cellular hair structure.

After towel-drying, I can already feel the softness and smoothness in the hair especially the ends!

While there are 3 types of products formulated for fine, normal, and coarse hair, the hairstylist picks the normal hair product line for me, as it can penetrate deeply into the hair cuticles to repair from within, to get rid of the hair dullness, split ends and breakages.

After normal blow-drying, I am happy that the smooth lustre hair now belongs to me! Good to see the frizzy, untame hair is gone for good. The result can last up to 5 weeks, but it is recommended to do this treatment every month.

For my heavily bleached / damaged hair, I certainly need to maintain this treatment routine every month. Once the condition gets better, it would be best to go for this treatment once every 2-3 months

Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Hair Care Collections

While Number76 only focuses on the Global Milbon Smooth Treatment, it also offers hair products from other lines under the Global Milbon family such as the Moisture and Repair Collections. From broken cellular structure to healthy hair, it is important to have this as home care too.  

#1. SMOOTH Collection - for rough, easily-tangled hair

Detangle and smooth. Improves overall texture – silky smooth and soft.
Available in 3 formulas for fine, medium and course hair. 

#2. MOISTURE Collection - for dry, frizzy hair

Nourish and hydrate. This superior hydrating collection replenishes moisture on damaged hair, leaving hair looking luminous and vibrant. Moisture retention is dramatically improved.

#3. REPAIR Collection – for blowdrying / styling preparation

Featuring a lightweight Restorative Blowout Primer that repairs severely damaged and over- processed hair while enhancing blowout results. To be applied on towel-dried hair. 

Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Smooth Treatment and Hair Care Collections are now available
at Number76 Hair Salon, priced at RM190, including wash and blow dry.

1. Global Milbon Smooth Treatment is effective at smoothing and softening the hair, but monthly maintenance and home care are highly recommended for more lasting result. 
2. The best part is, it requires only 3 steps, all done during the hair washing process for only 10 minutes. Quick and miraculous!  
3. Highly recommended for dry, unmanageable, overly-processed hair!

Bookings for services can be made online at www.number76.com for the following outlets:
❤ Mid Valley
❤ Bangsar
❤ Publika
❤ Starhill Gallery

Don't forget to check out Number76's page for more info:
Instagram: @number_76


  1. I have never heard about this brand of hair care before. But reading your review it sounds great. The best part is how the treatment can be done in 10 minutes only.

  2. It's the most difficult decision to chose a new brand for hair products. Because hair are the main thing which make or destroy your personality.

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