13 October, 2016

Spend Less for Better Quality: Let's SWITCH & SAVE now!

"No money lar!" 

Does it sound familiar to you? We often hear this from people around us but how many of us have actually practised smart saving?

Fancy cars, good food, expensive gadgets and overseas holidays are very tempting. Do you know that we can save a little everyday, for that luxurious trip at the end of the year? How? Just SWITCH and SAVE!

Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia (4th from right), Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia (3rd from left) with Watsons celebrity friends at the launch of Switch and Save campaign with Watsons Brand.

In celebration of the success of selling more than 352 millions Watson's brand products in Asia market last year, Watson's Malaysia has launched the Switch & Save Campaign where we gather with Watson's Celebrity Friends to learn the trick of saving money.

In fact, it's very easy. Watson's now offers an (extremely!) wide range of affordable yet effective products ranging from personal care items to healthcare and beauty essentials under its own label. The price is significantly lower than its competitors' brands, and the best part is, the quality is not compromised.

Imagine yourself saving few ringgits everyday from your daily spending, say you opt for affordable skincare like Naturals by Watson's instead of expensive brands. Ultimately we can enjoy spending lesser for products of better quality, greater value for money! Then you can spend the money saved to enjoy things that you like in life.

Let's take a look at Watson's Switch & Save TVC that tells everything you need! 

Wanna know how the Watson's brand items feel like? Let's find out more during the Switch Test session. Our mission is to try different products from Watson's Brand and other brands, and pick the one we prefer. Then I find that those that I pick are all from Watson's! It is proven that Watson's products are pretty good especially the sunblock, Vitamin C supplement, collagen drinks and more.

Watson's Celebrity Friends such as Fasha Sandha, Amber Chia, Arja Lee, Fuying and Sam, also made appearance to share their experiences with Watson's products. You probably wouldn't have thought celebrities are huge fans of Watson's products too. I mean, who doesn't love cheaper yet better stuff?

They also participate in the Switch Test session and this engaging session has proved that Watson's Brand products are comparable in terms of quality against other brands, but with better value.

Well, good things are meant to be shared.  If you haven't tried any Watson's Brand items,
you gotta experience them yourselves and you'll fall on love with them!

For more information, visit Watson's Malaysia at:


  1. You knwo what,I'm loyal supporter of Watson's brand of sanitary napkin, LOL

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