05 November, 2016

Flying Noodles at Underground Société, Bandar Sunway

Flying.....what? Noodles?? YES! It's Flying Noodles❤ This dish has gone viral on social media, in just a couple of days after it was first introduced in Singapore. Now we have our very own Flying Noodles too-- right in the heart of Bandar Sunway!

Underground Société, located just few streets away from Sunway University, serves 3 different versions of this dish: the Flying Zaru Soba, Flying Chic Kut Teh and Flying Udon with Signature Underground Sauce. Each dish is tagged at a reasonable price between RM19 to RM20, and is sure to up your Instagram game.

Underground Flying Noodles; Have you given the "magical" noodles a try?

Flying Zaru Soba @ RM19
Flying Chic Kut Teh @ RM19
Flying Udon with Signature Underground Sauce @ RM20

Flying Zaru Soba @ RM19

The Flying Zaru Soba mainly comprises of chilled soba topped with shredded nori seaweed. I always love having my soba in the most traditional way, by dipping into the thin cold broth of Japanese soy based dipping sauce. Simple yet satisfying!

However, the dipping sauce is a tad salty, so don't soak the noodles in the sauce for a long time before eating.

The other two variants of Flying Noodles come in thin udon noodles, which are slightly softer and chewier than the cold soba. Also served chilled, the accompanying sauces are either the "Chic Kut Teh", a rich and savoury chicken herbal broth, or the creamy thick "Signature Underground Sauce" for a kick of sweetness. 

Accompanied with pickled cucumbers and steamed edamame, it completes a light, healthy meal for one.

You must be wondering, “What exactly is holding the noodles up?!” Well, I heard some said sticks, rods and even potatoes while videos of making flying noodles go viral online. So, what’s your guess, and would you give this “magical” noodles a try?

Skip this paragraph if you want to find out for yourself why the noodles fly. 

You're right, there's no "magic" or "anti-gravity technology" used in it. The reason why the chopsticks  can float in the air is because of the hidden standing stick attached perpendicular to the floating chopsticks, giving it a "flying" illusion. Then, a pile of noodles is draped over it to complete the illusion.

Food at Underground Société
While you can't possible finish the whole generous pile of noodles yourself, it is recommended to order the Flying Noodles for sharing, along with a couple of signature dishes here. We truly appreciate the lovely ambiance and cool vibes which make it an ideal venue for dinner dates, special occasions etc.

200g Grain-fed Australian Beef Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes and Robert Sauce @ RM45

The attentive waitstaff recommends us the popular dish of tender sliced Australian beef tenderlion drizzled with traditional bold-flavoured Robert sauce which is a savory delicious topper for the well-cooked meat. Great to go with a glass of house wine there. 

Salmon Steak Spaghetti with Lemon Cream Sauce @ RM34

Creamy pasta with hints of zestiness is equally good for sharing,
otherwise it seems a tad heavy for an individual portion.

Underground Fireball @ RM18

The most noteworthy part of menu is probably the signature desserts-- Underground Grenade or Underground Fireball-- both being set on fire with alcohol. Being chocolate lovers, our choice goes to the latter one.

As the fire dies out, the melted chocolate shell unveils the luscious chocolate mousse inside the ball, sitting on chocolate soil with a ring of meringue, popcorn and edible flowers. Each spoonful of the gooey goodness excites the palate with hints of alcohol flavours; So divide and sinful. 

U.S. Cocktails: Berry Berries @ RM25

After the meal, we stay a little longer to just chill and relax amidst the comfortable, cool setting. The unique berry cocktails simply perfect our evening here while keeping our streams of conversations and laughters going. 

Underground Société
68, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Subang Jaya,
Contact: +603-7496 7327
Business Hours: 11am – 12.30am daily


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