21 November, 2016

Ishin Japanese Dining: Latest Special Menu @ Old Klang Road, KL

Ishin has always been my favourite mid-range Japanese restaurant, well you can check out my previous review HERE. Each time when it introduces new items into the menu, I definitely want to be amongst the first to try them out!

Tucked at the corner lot of the houses facing Old Klang Road, Ishin is easily noticeable with its bright neon red signage. Valet parking is available for restaurant guests. 

The tablet menu makes ordering food much easier now, as you can navigate conveniently across different categories and click into the thumbnail for a full-screen image of every dish.

The highlight of Ishin’s latest menu is the “Chef Specialty” section where we can truly dig into various tastes of Japan! We order most of the menu's highlights such as the fresh sashimi platter, unagi hot stone rice, new raindrop cake and more.

After ordering the food, Crisp Pickled Squid and Vegetables is served complimentary to our table. 
Great as a palate opener for the following dishes.

Chef Special Sashimi (Seasonal Price)

Opps...I think we over-order again! This platter consists of 8 types of sashimi which may vary each time due to the seasonality in Japan. Although there are only 3 of us digging into this gigantic platter, we can easily wipe it out especially when the freshly-cut fishes are at the freshest, juiciest state. 

Sea bream, yellowtail, salmon, prawn, ark shell, and scallop are amongst the sashimi we enjoy,
all with different layers of texture and oceanic sweetness.

But my favourite among all is always the sea urchin (Uni) which tastes
extra sweet and slightly briny here, but nothing too fishy to my liking.

Agedashi Tofu @ RM19.00

For appetizer, since it is my birthday meal, of course I pick my favourite deep fried tofu blanched in soy-based sauce. A sprinkle of spring onions instantly lifts the aroma of this appetizer while the tofu goes smooth down the throat.

One word -- DELICIOUS!

Hotate Cheese Yaki @ RM61.00

Also from the house specialty items collection, we order the cheese-grilled half shell scallops to satisfy our cheese craving. It comes in only 3 pieces per plate, but each is gigantic in size-- Fresh and succulent, without being overwhelmed by the melted cheesy goodness.

Hidden within the smooth cream cheese is a super huge, fresh scallop.
Not too overwhelming, it is recommended even for non-cheese lovers.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura @ RM45.00

Wagyu Stone Grill (Seasonal Price)

While Japanese BBQ seem to be a popular trend recently, Ishin offers a more refined dining experience using the traditional Japanese cooking method-- Tabletop grilling on a hot stone.

The stone allows you to cook to your taste preference; medium rare, medium well, well-done. It’s all up to you!

The premium waygu steak easily gets a delicious flavor right off the stone,
using nothing more than a sprinkle of sea salt to season. 

Plus, the intense marbling on wagyu beef is made up of monounsaturated (good) fats.
When grilled over an open flame, it adds a great depth of flavor yet healthy for a well-balanced diet.  

The sauce adds a brownie point to intensify the well-flavoured meat. Beef lovers must try ya!

Ishinyaki Unagi Don @ RM88 per portion (Feeds 2-3 pax)

Another favourite of the evening is Ishin's version of Nagoya famous Unagi Don served in hot stone bowl. The whiff of rich barbecued aroma has literally transported us to Japan. We are fascinated by the thick cuts of barbecue grilled eel fillet which blankets the entire bed of steamed Japanese rice!

Interestingly, there is not just 1, but 3 ways to enjoy this bowl of goodness.
In 3 simple methods, you can taste 3 unique flavours in one pot:

Method 1 – Go the original way:
Divide the rice into 3 portions, put the first portion into your bowl and enjoy as it is.

Trust me, it already tastes excellent on its own. The generous drizzle of thick, sticky and sweet savoury sauce gives the rice a punch of flavours while maintaining its moisture. Brownie points go to the added crispiness from the burnt edges of the rice.

Method 2 – Go with the greens:
For the second portion, add chopped green onions, grated wasabi, and nori seaweed
to enjoy different layers of texture, with fresh and savoury tastes.

Method 3 – Go with the soup:
Lastly, have the broth poured over it and turn it into o-chazuke soup with rice.

To my delight, the last method is the most delicious one! Closest to the traditional Chinese flavours, the savoury broth slightly dilutes away the sweet barbecued flavours but adds tea flavour and moisture to the eel.

Unagi Yanagawa @ RM69.00

Another comforting bowl of savoury-smelling eel in hot pot is specially ordered to hit that eel fix. Placed over beaten eggs in sweet-savoury dashi broth, the thick eel fillets are simmered on a low flame with vegetables, mushrooms and others. Alhough simple and old-fashioned, the dish is a delicacy, especially for those who love their unagi soft and melt in the mouth. 

If you prefer more variety, perhaps a Seafood Hot Pot works better to comfort the tummy?

Raindrop Cake (Imported from Japan!) (水信玄餅) @ RM8 per portion (2 pieces)

We end our sumptuous dinner with the Raindrop Cake or better known as Mizu Shingen Mochi in Japan, which has been a popular dessert throughout the world. In Ishin, many customers order this in place of birthday cake.

To keep the originality, Ishin’s transparent raindrop cake is directly imported from Japan. The transparent balls are very delicate and fragile, with extra bouncy and “Q” texture in the mouth. Although tasteless on its own, the dessert is excellent when served with Kinako (roasted soybean flour) and sugarcane-like sugar syrup. The resulting flavour? Multiple enjoyment of senses at one time!

If you feel like spicing up the dinner with some alcohol, feel free to browse through
the Japanese sake options here and have it served during or after your meal.

With a large seating capacity, be it by the sushi bar, or on the tatami dining,
Ishin definitely makes your Japanese dining experience memorable here.

1. Truly an amazing dining venue for Japanese food connoiseurs. Here you can get excellent food and service, without paying a hefty 5-star hotel's Japanese restaurant price. 
2. Thumbs up for the innovative menu that brings all popular dishes from around Japan into one roof with no compromise on the traditional recipe andd quality of top-notch ingredients.
3. Recommended: Sashimi, Wagyu Hot Stone Grill, Ishinyaki Unagi Don

Ishin Japanese Dining 
No. 202, Persiaran Klang,
Batu 3 3/4,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-7980 8228 (for reservation)
Website: www.ishin.my
Facebook: fb.com/ishinmy

Operating Hours:
12:00 pm-3:00 pm
6:00 pm-1:00 am

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