19 November, 2016

Review: Clarus Stemcell Gold for Beauty from Within

Yay! ❤ Guess what has arrived at my doorstep lately? It's Clarus Stemcell Gold from Clarity Plus. It focuses on boosting inner beauty which will eventually enhance one's outer beauty. Well, that's simply because....you are what you eat!

CLARUS STEMCELL GOLD (15 sachets x 3g)

Formulated using the cutting-edge technology and 100% safety assurance, Clarus Stemcell Gold is a Swiss quality products featuring 5 super stem cells as the main ingredients: Bulgarian Rose, Yeast Ceramide, Apple, Argan and Grape. Yes, all natural ingredients for the best of our skin and body. 

Product description, ingredients and benefits are all listed on the packaging.

❤ Vitamin premix
❤ Orange flash powder
❤ Strawberry flash powder
❤ Blackcurrant flash powder
❤ Fructo-oligosaccharide
❤ Apple stemcell
❤ Argan stemcell
❤ Grape stemcell
❤ Yeast ceramide stemcell
❤ Bulgarian Rose placenta stemcell 
❤ Serbuk Blackcurrant Flash Powder

Overall, it is power-packed with antioxidants and plant stem cells which help in the skin cell renewal. Research shows that the Bulgarian Rose Placenta Extract is effective in slowing down the aging process and has anti-wrinkle benefits. Whereas the Vitamin Premix increases body immunity, as part of daily essential healthy diet.

The size of each sachet is convenient to bring everywhere you go,
so you wouldn't skip this beauty routine even when travelling!

❤ Moisturise skin
❤ Rich in antioxidants
❤ Delay aging process 
❤ Brighten complexion
❤ Protect skin stem cells
❤ Protect against UV radiation
❤ Regulate pH level in the body
❤ Improve body immunity system 
❤ Enhance skin youthfulness and elasticity
❤ Enhance physical stamina and energy level
❤ Refine skin texture and improve complexion

So it begins from repairing the skin and body from within.... It repairs the skin cell structure on the most inner level, then eventually you'll feel the difference on the outer appearance-- Skin becomes more refined, radiant and healthy. It works great as an energy booster too. 

How To Consume: Pour 1 sachet into the mouth and swallow with water. Take 1-2 sachets daily
As one box contains 15 sachets, it can probably last you for 1-2 weeks.

The powder is very fine, with shades of pearl white and orange dots.
Tastewise, it is slightly sweet, I am sure everyone would love it!

For easier consumption, you can put into your morning coffee, yoghurt, cereals, etc too.
Yes, as simple as that.

Clarus Stemcell Gold is ideal for gifting too.
While the Stemcell Gold is a key product of Clarus by Clarity Plus,
you may want to check out other product of this brand too. Find out more at:

Hotline: +6018 282 4468 / +6018 282 4479 / +6018 282 4495
Instagram: @Clarus_ClarityPlus

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