10 December, 2016

6 Uncommon Gift Ideas for Christmas

Do you realise that Christmas and New Year are approaching real soon? I am really excited over this festive gifting season, and all geared up for Christmas gift exchange. For those who are doing last-minute Christmas shopping but running out of gift ideas, you are on the right site!

When it comes to gifting, I personally hate the ordinary gifts such as photo frames (so old-school!), mugs (sometimes they can be nice if the designs are unique) and typical diary books. So….I have gotten you guys a couple of ideas for uncommon Christmas Gifts from UncommonGoods, bet you’d love them!

Let’s make this Christmas different for ourselves and people around us, shall we?

True to its name, UncommonGoods is not the ordinary home décor and gift shop we normally see. It houses various uncommon gifts, clever design and unique living all under one roof. The brand focuses very much on sustainability, by making the business a more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and rewarding place to work.

Working hand in hand with artists and small manufacturers, UncommonGoods products mainly feature recycled, organic and handmade masterpieces. None of them contains leather, feathers, fur or anything that harms people or animals at all.

Be it your other half, family or friends, they will thank you for getting them such uncommon and clever gifts for them!

They have their very own Better to Give Program since 2001, which allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from UncommonGoods at checkout. UncommonGoods has donated over $1,000,000 since they created this program. Well done, guys! 

1. Floral Wood Watch (Direct link: HERE)

Unique gifts for women are aplenty here, I'm totally blown by the myriad of choices! Instead of getting the important woman in your life a beautiful luxury watch, why not give something more unique like this 100% natural wooden watch designed with intricate floral patterns?

As each fully-adjustable watch is crafted from beige maple wood with slight variations in hue based on sun exposure, climate, and temperature, it also means there is no one same watch in this world! How cool is that.

Gonna add this into my Christmas wishlist too. Can anyone surprise me with this? *puppy eyes* 

2. Notes of Wine Perfume (Direct link: HERE)

Another interesting thing I spot is this wine perfume, a perfectly innovative collection of bottles that capture the sweet, spicy, and oaky essences of wine. An ideal Christmas gift for your wife or girlfriend, to remind her how great you feel being around her and her lingering scent, especially if she is a wine lover. 

3. Bluetooth Tracking Tag (Direct link: HERE)

I must admit I am totally a no-brainer when it comes to chooseing Christmas gifts for guys. Guys prefer something more useful and techy I guess? And they are usually forgetful and easily mistake things around them. Hope this Bluetooth tracking tag helps secure their remote, keys, wallet and iPad from getting lost throughout the house!

4. Owl Eyeglasses Holder (Direct link: HERE)

Gifting does not mean blowing your budget. Gifts under $25 are aplenty here too. How about this little cute guy sitting by your bed, rocking your spectacles? I'd love to give this handmade piece of beautiful yet functional decor to my Dad. For more Daddy's gift ideas, feel free to visit here.

5. Construction Plate & Utensils (Direct link: HERE)

I'm surprised that UncommonGoods has a really long list of gifts for kids and toddlers too. I guess parents would appreciate cute plates like this to increase the appetites of their kids. I mean, who doesn't love this interesting and creative presentation of food?!

6. Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug (Direct link: HERE)

Do you remember my unicorn birthday cake this year? I have extra affection towards unicorn and guess what I found at UncommonGoods! It's my first time seeing this and I'm totally sold by this handmade stoneware clay-and fairy dust-Elwood mug. Dear Santa, I want this Christmas gift!

Hope you love these last-minute gift ideas that don't sound last minute at all!

For more information about UncommonGoods, the maker and
purveyor of unique gifts and creative home decor, please visit:

Twitter: @uncommongoods
Instagram: @uncommongoods
Google+: +uncommongoods

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  1. Woo... fish looks so cute! Haha... i like that owl glasses holder :)


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