02 December, 2016

Blessed November.

Alert: A very personal post ahead.

Blessed November. Yes, the title should explain it all. Didn't realise it's already December when I publish this blog post. The clock in November seems to tick quicker than usual. Perhaps it’s because good time flies? Everyday when I wake up, I can no longer recall which day it is, except for the week before the 13th—I literally countdown silently to this very special day of mine.

People say, you wouldn’t enjoy birthday as much when you grow older. You would treat it as just another normal day because there are more important things to do than celebrating life. So, at this age of 24, I know I must appreciate it as much as I can. Birthday comes every year, but 24th birthday comes only once. Tell that to yourself, and make your every birthday meaningful :)

This year has changed me. A lot. 24 is just a number? Well, to me, it is definitely not. The number, boldly standing in my eyes, tells me that I am big enough to be an adult. To make my own judgement and to live the life I want. To save every penny and splurge on things that are worth. To be strong when I need to and to cry like a baby when I want to.

Pusheen Unicorn Cake with Fish from Tigre Lily Cakes

But I have a weird but true confession to make. Every year when it is almost my birthday (few days before the actual day), I will get very moody and feel like calling off the celebration because the plan always......always does not sound like how I want it to be. Although the actual celebration was definitely different from my ideal one, it was actually a good and memorable one which I wish to record here...so that one day I happen to open this blog archive, I would know 2016's 24th birthday was special and heart-warming. 

I always have this dream of celebrating my birthday somewhere away from the city—be it by the seaside or on top of the hill. Birthday vacation has always been in my wishlist, but this year, reality has pulled my feet back to the earth, pulling me away from my dream. And I don’t have any expectations on this very day in particular, because I know the best surprise usually comes when you least expect it.

And yes, indeed it did. No fancy dinner, no luxurious gift, but I feel glad to have what I really want-- Companion. To really let my hair down and enjoy a day that belongs to me with people whom I can trust, care and rely on.

I have gotten a couple of cute gifts, birthday cakes, flowers, pampering etc from the lovely people whom I have been working closely with. It's not easy to become friends from our PR-blogger relationship, and I truly cherish this. And I am glad to have you guys in my life, because it makes my blogging days more meaningful. That's the extra mile that you take which crafts a huge smile on my face. 

Homemade tsum tsum doughnuts were pretty impressive and it took me quite some time to decide whether I should eat these cutie pies!

Plus those dinners with close friends which I forgot to take photo -_-" Some long friendships for more than 10 years are something rare, thanks for finding time for me although we are all busy with our own lives. 

And special thanks to my dear colleagues who love me so much. It does not matter how long we have met, but what really matters is how close our hearts are. This year, I have learnt to appreciate people around me more, because people come and go in life. What stays in the heart is the series of memories created throughout the journey. I hope we are in each other's heart although we may go our own separate ways in future. 

And lastly, a simple homey celebration with the closest family is the happiest moment of the year. Family gatherings are often short and rare, and that makes each moment more valuable and worth cherishing. One day, when I happen to look at this picture, I'd know that my family is the biggest pillar of strength to me. Their every little gesture shows me lots of undivided love which nothing on earth can replace. 

May every day is a great day to celebrate God’s wonderful works!

So there went November 2016. A full-week of celebrations, dinners and parties with people who own a substantial placement in my heart. A big thank you just couldn't express my gratitude to you guys. 

Now that I'm 24 going to 25 every soon, living a quarter of a century in this world has been an amazing journey. I am still loving what I have been doing, and will not give up on it. 

The only thing I pray for, is to have a stronger heart, to protect myself against the painful words from nasty people in life. It is going to be a long journey fighting against mean people everyday, so please allow me to keep positivity flowing in myself. Treat everyone nicely, be humble and radiate happiness to people around me. Because...even the greatest person, if without basic manners, is not great at all. 

Keep telling myself it is okay to be upset over some people's attitude, it is okay to cry once in a while, everything is okay but do not allow those negativity let me down. Because what doesn't kill me make me stronger.  

Thank you 2016 for teaching me this. 
Thank you the year that makes me grow. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Fish! Arrgghh the cake, the donut everything lah! So cute!


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