22 December, 2016

Let's Go Macao: Year End Mega Sale


Are you ready to fly to Macao? I have always wanted to go there for an enriching cultural experience especially at Macao UNESCO Heritage Sites. Over the weekend, I went to check out the latest Macao travel fair,  "Experience Macao and Year End Macao Mega Sale" in Paradigm Mall.

It was a fun-filled event which literally transported us to Macao as we were able to "Experience Macao" right here in the city and checked out the amazing deals there. The event was part of Macao Government Tourism Office's effort to promote the various events happening in Macao this year end / next new year:

❤ 2016 Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon
❤ 2016 Parade through Macao, Latin City
❤ Macao Light Festival
❤ 1st International Film Festival and Awards

Macao Light Festival 
flamboyant, romantic and dazzling journey of lights that captivates the heart.

2016 Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 
Let's show the athletic spirit in us and join the fun! (Click HERE for more info)

2016 Parade Through Macao, Latin City (澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊) 
A string of amazing performances featuring Cantonese opera, theatre, music, 
martial arts, folk and traditional and oriental dancen! (Click HERE for more info)

Macao 1st International Film Festival and Awards 
(Click HERE for more info) 

To experience Macao here, there were a couple of activities prepared for the public. Suitable for both young and old! 

For example, spinning the wheel of fortune to win goodies from the organizer!

The first 300 customers would receive FREE Golden Reel entrance Tickets and Travel Accessories
with purchase of Macao Packages with a minimum one night stay, amazing right?

The crowd was also welcomed to rearrange the scenery behind this "Puzzle Game" 
and won some souvenirs from Macao.

 .....as well as the "Grand Prix Simulator Race" to win souvenirs.

Pretty excited when I transformed into a F1 driver for a couple of minutes!
The game was super immersive, and at the end of it I managed to win some souvenirs too.

Although the travel fair has come to an end, the good deals have not ended yet!
You can still stand a chance to win amazing prizes by booking a Macao package before 31 December 2016.

You stand a chance to win Touch 'n Go Card worth RM500!
Two lucky winners will be picked every week.
Step 1: Book a Macao Package before 31 December 2016
Step 2: Type
Step 3: SMS to 68886

Did you miss out on the Year End Macao Mega Sale? Don’t worry! Macao Tourism Board will be participating at the MATTA Fair next year, from 17 – 19 March at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), featuring more exciting and engaging activities! With any purchase of Macao Packages at the 3-day travel fair customers will get to redeem customized souvenirs from Macao Tourism Board! Stay tuned to Macao Tourism Malaysia Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

For more information, please visit www.macaotourism.gov.mo

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