10 December, 2016

Semi Fine Dining at Tanzini @ G Tower, KL

A modern European affair with Tanzini is definitely a night to remember. 

Imagine being served with a wonderful spread of fusion Italian cuisine along with premium wines in a cozy dining area, and the attentive waitstaff has never failed to refill the bread and pour the wine each time you and your friends finish them. My experience in Tanzini is complete with amazing food, lovely wine, great services and fantastic night skyline view of the city. 

Sitting on the 28th floor of GTower, at the intersection of Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang adjacent to the Tabung Haji building, the restaurant can easily be located. Access to the restaurant is provided via the Maitre D' counter in Lobby B on the ground floor.

Ambiance wise, the posh elegant indoor dining space makes your dinner more romantic and comfortable with splashes of warm hues from the furniture and lights. Al fresco dining is available for those who love enjoying the gentle sweeps of wind while sipping on the delectable wine. 

Complimentary House Bread

Don't be surprised to find your dishes being creatively injected with Asian flavours as the chefs here are committed to bring out the best marriage of heritage recipes from the East and West.

For instance, the house bread is not only served with olive oil and vinaigrette but also with house signature spicy sauce that easily gets us hooked. 

Caprese @ RM38
Fresh Arugula with Roma Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella

 As we always love surprises, Tanzini now delights us with a variety of new items on the menu,
and is ready with new recipes from time to time. 

Quinoa Fruit Salad @ RM26
Healthy Quinoa with Tart Vinaigrette and Mint Dresssing

The Caprese and Quinoa Fruit Salad are nice start-offs for our dinner as both exude tangy savoury flavours that open the palate. Healthy and ideal for communal sharing too. 

Tomato and Crab Meat Timbale @ RM28
Chilled Tomato Soup with Crab Meat and Avocado

Beautiful presentations of the dishes may be something you'd appreciate if you love Instagram-able food shot. The thick soup is served cold with a lovely crab meat timbale, loaded with creamy smooth avocado, is a feast to the eyes and the tummy.

Cheese Wheel Pasta @ RM48
Aged Parmesan Cheese, Fish Roe and Baby Spinach with Turkey Ham

Another new item on the menu that tops my list of favourites is the Cheese Wheel Pasta. Not many restaurants in Malaysia have the whole block of cheese wheel, and cook the pasta ala minute in front of the guests, so I'm glad to find it here in Tanzini. 

The aromatic combination of pasta, turkey ham, spinach and cream is precooked in the kitchen before adding into the cheese wheel. 

We add on Porcini Mushroom and Caviar into the lovely dish for an earthy touch. Other condiments such as Smoked Duck, Crab Meat, Ikura and Foie Gras are nice additions too, if you love your pasta to be more flavourful. 

Firstly, the cheese bowl is torched so that it melts on the surface and exudes cheesy aroma. Then pour the pasta in and stir well, so you'd expect the sauce to be creamier and thicker now. 

The best part is, the pasta in Tanzini is homemade from scratch using fresh eggs and low-gluten flour. Love the slightly chewy texture and it does not expand in size after cooking!

Highly recommended for cheese lovers!

Risotto Gamberi @ RM58
Saffron Risotto with King Tiger Prawn

Moving on, another highlight of the evening is the Italian-fusion rendition of traditional risotto and seafood. With a simple yet satisfying dish like this, the rich tastes of butter, wine and onion surely bring us on cloud nine.

Spezzatino D'agnello @ RM48
Slow Braised Balsamic Lamb Shoulder with Fresh Herbs and Pearl Onion

We are surprised to see the following dish being served in a traditional Moroccan tagine pot with conical lid. The slow-cooked lamb stew in it is extremely tender, and punch-packed with herb flavours. 

Tummy-comforting and good to go with
breads especially during raining days.

Banana Pannacotta @ RM22
Caramelized Bananas with Tropical Fruits, Mango Gel and Coconut Powder

As the finale of the meal, we have two signature desserts to suit different palates. The Banana Pannacotta gives a myriad of tropical fruit flavours -- light and refreshing for the palate. Whereas the Molten Valrhona Chocolate Cake is richer, more gooey and indulgent for true chocolate lovers. 

Molten Valrhona 7 @ RM32
Araguani 72% Financier, Manjari 64% Sable, Guanaja 70% Chantilly, Tanariva 33% Mousse, Bahibe Lactee 46% Ganache, Whipped Dulcey 32% and Caraibe 66% Disc

As we pour the sauce onto the chocolate crust, it melts away, leaving an amazing blend of chocolates inside for us to dig into. Overall, it is beautifully executed and is not as sweet as I'd expect. 

An evening in Tanzini is not complete without sipping on a glassy of bubbly champagne, wine or other liquors. They even have a designated area to keep all the premium wines, so don't forget to check it out and pick your ffavourite. 

1. The overall experience here is a completely unpredictable gastronomic journey with plenty of surprises throughout the meal. 
2. My No.1 favourite goes to the Cheese Wheel Pasta and I don't mind coming back for this again. 
3. Tanzini is an ideal venue for special occasions where you don't mind forking out a little more for an unforgettable experience. 

Level 28, GTower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2168 1899
Email: info@tanzini.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/TanziniKL

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