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16 January, 2017

Japanese Matcha Affair at BOH Green Tea Latte Party

Special thanks to BOH Tea for the lovely invitation and thank you my dear followers on Facebook and Instagram for joining my giveaway to join me at BOH Green Tea Latte Party at Merchant Lane, Petaling Street.

There we are at the hidden gem along Petaling Street with this prestigious market leader for tea.

BOH is no stranger in the tea-making industry; Here are some of the popular ranges by BOH:
BOH Seri Songket, Cameronian Gold Blend and more.

At this BOH Green Tea Latte party, it's all about BOH's latest creation-- BOH Green Tea Latte! 

Do you know that the all-new Green Tea Latte is made with authentic and all natural Japanese Matcha powder? The best part is, it comes in convenient sachets where you can have it anywhere anytime you want, for just a fraction of the price of a cup of green tea latte in the cafés!

Each pack of BOH Green Tea Latte contains 12 sachets of instant tea mix.

Personally, I am a super huge fan of green tea latte! At any café I visit, I’d surely order a cup of green tea latte to warm the stomach and satisfy my cravings. Unfortunately, not all cafés have this option on their menu, and the convenient coffee maker in the office does not have green tea latte too.

I am glad that now I can store as many sachets of BOH Green Tea Latte I want
at home or in the office or have a cuppa on the go.

BOH Green Tea Latte recipes include the making of our all-time favourite local desserts.

BOH’s creamy and smooth cup of Green Tea Latte can be enjoyed hot or cold, all up to your liking. Not only that, it can be one of the useful ingredients for making desserts and fancy beverages -- Just be creative! 

Mr. Chen Chaw Chang, the Head of Marketing and Export, BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd and Ms. Caroline Russell, CEO of BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd during the event have introduced to us one of the new BOH Green Tea Latte recipes-- Green Tea Latte Milkshake infused with Red Beans

Let's cheer for the delicious drinks!

Each sip of BOH Green Tea Latte runs smoothly down the throat with just the right balance of sweetness and creamy goodness. All thanks to the rich content of natural Japanese Matcha powder.

No worries for those who are watching their weights because BOH Green Tea Latte is infused with Stevia leaf extract which replaces sugar and acts as a natural sweetener with much lower calories. Now it fits perfectly well into your healthy diet.

BOH Green Tea Latte Agar-agar

BOH Green Tea Latte Kuih Bahulu

As for the desserts, BOH Green Tea Latte Agar-agar and Kuih Bahulu are equally noteworthy as the infusion of green tea imparts a uniquely pleasant aroma and flavours into the traditional delicacies. 

Perhaps if you have more unique recipes for this Green Tea Latte, don't forget to share with me ya!

Yummy! How I'd wish to enjoy my afternoon tea break everyday like this.

There's a corner where we can write down our Ummph moment and hang on to the tree,
My Ummph moment is just as simple as an afternoon well-spent with delicious beverage and sweets.

For those who have not tried the all new Green Tea Latte from BOH, you gotta get your hands on it now! Available in a packet of 12 sachets at RM14.30, BOH Green Tea Latte can now be found at all major retailers.

Take a break from your busy schedule, sip on a cup of BOH Green Tea Latte
and don’t forget to share the joy with your friends and family!


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