29 January, 2017

[Chinese New Year 2017] Joining the Table of Harmony

Chinese New Year is always my favourite festival throughout the year, because I get to receive angpows, eat loads of cookies, and spend time with my dearest family. And the best part is, there are tonnes of locally produced CNY webfilms recently that are funny yet meaningful.

Have you seen the latest video by TNB?

Cooking Hustle (一枱和气) by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

It is a heartwarming video about reunion dinners. Well, it is true that reunions can be a little stressful especially when personalities clash among family members. Similar to how every Chinese New Year dish comes in different shapes, colors and flavours, it is our differences that give the occasion its unique flavour.

This is the time for us to put aside all differences, and reunite. When we work together harmoniously as a family, a reunion dinner preparation can be as simple as ABC. There is no challenge that can’t be overcome.

At the "Table of Harmony", what matter the most are not the dishes on the reunion table, because what really matters is the people sitting around the table enjoying happy gathering moments together. 
Discover What Mystery Dish You Are & Join The Table

Wondering which festive dish represents you this year? Let's join the Table of Harmony for some fun... Just answer a simple question on https://betterbrighter.my/tableofharmony to find out! 

Step 2 → Click on “Unveil Mystery Dishes” then, “Discover What Mystery Dish You Are & Join The Table”

Step 3 → Choose your answer (I chose "laughing loudly at the bad jokes")

Step 4 → Click on “Unveil Your Dish”

Step 5 → Result is revealed! You can “Share Result” or “Post as GIF”.
Gong Xi Fa Cai, I am a Golden Laughing Prawn! 

Hurry and find out what mystery dish you are today!
Website: www.tnb.com.my


  1. Chinese New Year is a time of togetherness for my family. Everyday, we are so busy with work and life. This is the only few days where we leave everything behind. This webfilm is very meaningful especially in conjunction with CNY. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw their CNY ads too, quite fun and entertaining.

  3. What an interesting post! I should check out what 'dish' I am hahaha

  4. Saw this ad and thought it was really funny babe. Loved how TNB incorporated the CNY vibe too :)

  5. I got red faced chicken. Whatever that means! haha. but honestly, love the video. :)

  6. i got golden laughing prawn too!! cute concept that they did this.. haha

  7. Its a very entertaining ad! Happy Chinese New Year Babe!

  8. Hahaha perfectly reminds me of movie Kung Fu Hussle, i love it!

  9. this was pretty funny and nice... i got old cucumber soup can you believe it... hahaha... makes me feel like a grand ma

  10. I really enjoy their ad this year, the story and presentation is so creative :)

  11. I've seen their ad before. So nice! Happy Chinese New Year Fish!

  12. This sounds interesting and fun to watch!

    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  13. love the effort they put into making the web and also the clip. will share the website to friends and family too, for a good laugh. happy chinese new year!

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