28 January, 2017

[Fashion] Maveric Co. Minimalist Watch

Classic and timeless. ❤ Thanks for accompanying me through days and nights.

Of all the fashion pieces I wear every day, my favourite is always a versatile timepiece which can fit perfectly into any outfit coordinates. Well, one can't have too many watches in life, don’t you agree with me?

In my watch collection, I usually keep a couple of them in different styles such as elegant chained watch, bold sporty watch, and smartwatch. And recently, I finally added the latest ageless timepiece into my collection.

THE SYMPHONY (38MM) @ $120.00 from Maveric Co. (www.mavericco.com)

I realise how the minimalistic timepiece collection is gaining much popularity during the recent years. And Maveric, an UK brand is one of the trendsetters in the making of high quality bespoke timepiece. The watch I am currently wearing is effortlessly sophisticated as it is crafted to suit every occasion.

Let’s take a closer look at it….

Bravo Symphony, the latest design in Maveric Co.’s collection, is a resemblance of elegance, grace and class

The glossy silver body of 38mm diameter fits well onto the wrist, with a 18mm brown genuine Italian leather strap.

Plus, it's quality guaranteed! Maveric offers an exclusive one-year warranty for all their timepieces.

I always believe that your watch represents who you are, your values and your personal style.

It is the classic style that attracts me at the first sight. It was once used for the celebration of individuality and identity, and I am glad that the simplicity is back in trend. For mankind to appreciate as a piece they cannot leave home without. 

Definitely a must-have during this season!

Do you think that brown leather strap exudes a vintage feel too? Now I feel more confident,
more "complete" with this watch design that has undergone the test of time.

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Website: www.mavericco.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mavericco
Instagram: www.instagram.com/maveric.co

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