13 January, 2017

"It's Pore Perfection" Launch by PINK by Pure Beauty

Guess what happens when Korean beauty ingredients meet Korea’s advanced beauty innovation? We are really lucky to be able to enjoy the K-beauty goodness here in Malaysia, all thanks to Watsons Malaysia for bringing the products into our market.

Exclusively available in Watsons stores nationwide, we have the sweet-looking PINK by Pure Beauty brand. And it has just launched its newest skincare range specially catered for those with pore concerns!

The Pore Perfection by PINK by Pure Beauty

Do you have pore issues – Clogged, pigmented or sagging pores? Or are you aware that the pores on your T-zone look enlarged, extra dry and oily? Some even experience lots of blackheads and whiteheads on the open pores (ewww!) and the pore ducts appear darker on the surface too.

To be honest, the pores of my skin are enlarged, and everyday I have to put on a good layer of foundation to conceal those imperfections :( But concealing is not treating the issue! So I am glad to have this Pore Perfection gift set to tackle this issue.

Thank you Watsons Malaysia for this kawaii gift set loaded with roses, doll and Pore Perfection products. 

The latest Pore Perfection series by PINK by Pure Beauty comprises of 3 products:
(1) Cleansing Form
(2) Toner
(3) Essence

It is a complete pore care regime that combines the unique formulation of Korean beauty ingredients (Mineral-rich Pink Clay, Jeju Volcanic Ash and Jeju Carbonated Thermal Water) and natural Pink Flower extracts with Korea’s advanced innovation in pore care to purify pores and refine skin for young women.

Let’s look into these 4 key ingredients of Pore Perfection range:

Pink Clay:
❤ Ancient treatment Kaolin clay that naturally treats many disorders
 Absorbs toxins and clogged oil from the oil
 Combats skin irritation and dryness

Jeju Volcanic Ash:
 Pure natural ingredient from Jeju Island to absorb sebum or harmful substances on the skin, leaving skin purified

Carbonated Thermal Water:
 Korea’s best quality carbonated thermal water from San-bang mountain in Jeju
 Rich in 13 minerals to hydrate the skin from inside out, leaving skin moisturized and refreshed
 Keep the skin collagen fibers strong, leaving skin firm and plump

MAT-XS Bright:
❤ A compounded ingredient with Java tea leaf extract
 Effective in reducing sebum production, shiny appearance and pore size

In short, it is a 6-in-1 Pore Care line that you gotta try because it packs 6 key benefits – Deep cleansing, sebum regulation, pore minimizing, pore tightening, hydration and skin tone refining – into one amazing series of products!

During the event, Caryn Loh, Country General Manager and Head of Watsons Malaysia (5th from left), Sharon Lim, Trading Director, Watsons Malaysia (4th from left), Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing (3rd from right) and the Pink by Pure Beauty models are ready to launch the Pore Perfection range.

The launch ceremony is joined by a group of hot hunks who are posing with the 3 different products of Pore Perfection. 

It is followed by a demonstration where Philip Yeoh, Watsons Celebrity Friend
getting his skin tested in the Pore Challenge by Watsons beauty advisor. 

Apart from the fashion walk by the male models presenting Pore Care,
the event also treats us to an amazing flash dance performance. 

The full range of Pore Perfection from Pink by Pure Beauty – Cleansing foam, toner and essence – is available at all leading Watsons store nationwide. Don’t forget to check out Pink by Pure Beauty Pore Care video on Watsons Malaysia Facebook Page too!

Wanna get your Pore Perfection Cleansing Foam, Toner & Essence?
Where to buy? All nationwide Watsons stores.
When is it available? From January 2017 onwards. 
More info? www.watsons.com.my

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