12 February, 2017

CNY 2017: It's A Wrap!

Hello everyone! How's your Year of Rooster going? Although my festive break is pretty short this year, I have had a great time with my dearest family, relatives and friends.

This is always the best time to gather and meet relatives whom I probably see only once a year, and to spend quality time together. The great times began even before Chinese New Year; we made some of our favourite cookies, prepped the house with festive decors, filled the angpow packets and shopped for new clothes.

During Chinese New Year, we did our annual routine of praying at the temples,
had our first vegetarian meal of the year, and countless number of prosperity toss.

This year we didn't travel much for "bai nian"'(House visit) except for a few close relatives and friends. Of course, every visit we made was complete with little festive gifts as a symbol of customs and traditions.

In my basket of gift, mandarins orange is a must-have to resemble gold, as well as dried mushrooms as a symbol of success. No more unhealthy bak-kwa and calorie-high festive cookies! And what makes the gift special this year is the inclusion of Nestlé Omega Plus, as my way of wishing my loved ones to have a healthy heart and cultivate balanced diet.

You must be wondering why Nestlé Omega Plus®? Having this latest product by Nestlé in our everyday meal can help promote heart health as it lowers the cholesterol level. It is the only high calcium milk that contains ACTICOL®....

Wait, what is Acticol®?
❤ It is a a unique compound (plant sterol)
❤ Scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol
 By preventing the cholesterols from entering the blood stream
❤ Two glasses of the milk contain 1.2g of ACTICOL®

Recently I am into Nestlé Omega Plus milk in convenient packs, which I can bring to office everyday and I hope the loved ones around me usher in the Year of the Rooster with a healthy heart. Two glasses a day is sufficient to fulfill 100% of our daily calcium needs and contains the right balance of Omega 3 and 6

You can have it for breakfast along with the festive cookies during this Chinese New Year :P

It also comes in 3-in-1 milk with oats packaging too. Just add water and it's ready to drink.

Whether you like Nestlé Omega Plus milk with or without oats, it is equally nutritious but don't forget to exercise regularly and practise healthy diet to lead a longer, healthier life!  

Once again, wishing you a good heart health and Happy Chinese New Year!

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