24 February, 2017

Introducing the Jewel of Malaysia — Johor Bahru

Known as the Jewel of Malaysia, Johor Bahru takes the rank of being the second most densely populated city right after Kuala Lumpur. It is the state capital of Johor and lies just across the Causeway from Singapore. While some many argue that the city has very few attractions to offer to passing-by travelers, it is simply not true!

Being the hub of manufacturing and regional transport, Johor Bahru offers many things to do and see in a single day. And the best part is that traveling to Johor is easy from Singapore due to fantastic bus connectivity. Taking bus from Singapore to Johor is relatively easy when you can either board the bus directly at the bus terminal or book your ticket online via sites like Easybook.

How to reach Johor Bahru from Singapore?

Johor is Malaysia’s closest city to Singapore that sees thousands of commuters traveling between both the countries via the Causeway Link. Even though one may take a train or a ferry, the most popular form of transport are the buses, which the traveler may avail from either the Larkin bus terminal on the Kota Raya Bus Terminal/CIQ.

Facilities for online booking are also available to make things easier for the travelers who may prefer booking in advance. All the buses are highly comfortable express vehicles that charge very nominal rates for tickets. Once you experience the convenience of going to and fro Johor by a bus, you won’t want to avail any other form of transport.

Places to see in Johor Bahru

Apart from numerous options for entertainment and shopping centers, the city plays host to various natural attractions like Tioman Island, Endau Rompin National Park, and Kukup. Due to the city’s proximity to Singapore, it sees a steady influx of Singaporean tourists throughout the year. Tourism is also responsible for rapid growth of the economy.

Once you are tired of shopping and dining, you may either retire to the hotel to relax, or engage in a myriad of cultural activities located within the city. Some of the best places you can visit here are the following:

1. Legoland Malaysia: This is perhaps the best place to have fun with the kids as Legoland Malaysia offers a variety of fun-filled activities. Even though the park does not have extreme rides, adults who are a fan of Lego will enjoy the variety of sights and sounds this place has to offer. From exciting exhibits to thrilling roller coasters, this theme park has it all!

2. Sultan Abu Bakar mosque: For those with an unquenchable knack for culture, the Sultan Abu Bakr mosque will be a great place to visit. The historical monument is very large and spacious, well-guided tours are available to learn about the heritage and history of the Sultan of Johor. See the works of Islamic architecture at its finest and seek blessings in this place of worship.

3. Kuso Art Gallery: If you’re an admirer of magic shows and perception-bending works of art, dropping by the Kuso Trick Art Gallery would be an excellent way to spend an evening in Johor Bahru. The kids love this place as it is full of illusion and 3D drawings, fun-filled activities, and photo opportunities led by the helpful and friendly staff.

4. Pulai Waterfall: Looking for a quick day trip to refresh and your senses? Head over to Pulai Waterfall to enjoy its breathtaking view and even go on hiking in the surrounding areas. The hiking route will take you approximately 3 to 3.5 hours to complete, and in the meantime, you can enjoy the local scenery or have a picnic with your companions.

5. Chinese Heritage Museum: This little three-storey museum welcomes you to learn about the ancient cultures and customs of the Chinese immigrants in Malaysia. This beautiful location will also teach you a lot of things about Johor Bahru’s history and various events that shaped the city to be what it is today. This beautiful museum is worth a visit.

Make the most of your time!

Of course the list can go on and on and most probably you will not get tired of visiting Johor Bahru. While Johor Bahru is certainly not a “touristy” destination in any sense of the word, you can make the most out of your time here on or from your way to Singapore. The city will give you a glimpse into a rather chaotic lifestyle, which is rather in stark contrast to the organized lifestyle of Singaporeans.  Come and experience the Jewel of Malaysia like you’ve never done before.

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