22 February, 2017

Tea Verandah @ Atria Shopping Gallery

A tea lounge has always attracted me with its posh, elegant setting but the ridiculously high price often lets it down. Until recently I bump into Tea Verandah, I couldn't be more excited than enjoying my afternoon tea without burning a hole in the pocket! 

TEA Verandah serves a wide variety of tea beverages, contemporary fusion snacks and desserts under a cozy, open-concept lounge setting. And most importantly, it emphasizes on the value for money, hence the menu pricing is from RM9.90 to RM40.60, which is just a fraction of the price tags in many hotel lounges or tea houses.

I am not kidding when speaking of the wide varieties of tea. Upon arrival, the waiter presents me with a tray of more than 24 types of tea ranging from the classic black tea, Rooibos tea to healthy, organic herbs tea and Europe fruits tea. Just get a good whiff of each flavour, and decide which to go for. 

TEA Verandah @ RM18.00 per pot / RM36.50 including tea set 
(Apple bits, lemon bits, cherries, pineapple, mango bits, papaya, hibiscus blossoms,
orange peel, rose hip peels, elderberries, peach bits, apricot bits and orange bits)

Named after the shop itself, TEA Verandah is a must-order signature tea, especially for first timers. It is my personal favourite among the Europe Fruit tea selection, because of its complex combination of dried fruits and flowers. Just brew it for 8 to 10 minutes, and let the excellent floral-fruity aroma fill the space. It tastes lightly sweet and tangy on the palate, which I think is a great choice for ladies. 

Yogurt Tea - Pinky Panther @ RM16.80 per pot / RM35.50 including tea set 
(Strawberry bits, apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, raisins,
carrot bits, yogurt bits, beetroot bits, Rhubarb bits)

For something unconventional, I'd recommended this icy concoction of Yogurt Tea! It is interesting to find that the hot fruity tea, when combined with yogurt and crushed ice, tastes extra smooth and more refreshing. The consistency is just perfect--- Slightly thick but not creamy and heavy at all. 

Regardless of which tea you pick, you can opt for: Either the serving of tea only, or complement it with a high tea set. The two-tier set comes with 3 pieces of savoury pastries on top and 4-5 pieces of sweet treats at the lower tier. 

Savouries: Tuna Filo Puff, Crabmeat Filo Puff, Sambal Hotdog Puff

If you are a huge fan of pastry like myself, you can easily lap up the huge crispy puffs on your own. I personally enjoy the huge filo pastry more as the crispy skin is generously filled with yummy chunky seafood.

Sweets: Mini Chocolate and Strawberry Tarts, Orange Poppy Seed Muffin, Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart, Scone

Among the dainty desserts, I couldn't decide which is my favourite because they are all so tasty and baked to perfection. However, unique ones such as the thick chocolate peanut butter tart is worth a special mention, because of its electrifying marriage of creamy sweet chocolate and crunchy, savoury peanut butter layers. Sinful yet satisfying!

Luck is on my side during my visit, as I get to try the homemade fruity scone which is only available on a rotational basis. The warm scone is loaded with chunks of dried orange and berries that add a nice biting pleasure to the melt-in-the-mouth scone. 

How I'd wish to have more of these! 

Fruit Tart @ RM13.80

The desserts are seriously too good that I can't help but to order another piece--- the popular Fruit Tart with a crumbly base, thick cheese filling, and fresh cream topping. I personally love this type of crust that exudes rich flavour, similar to those butter cookies.

Best served cold, the tart tastes fresh and chilly without feeling too sweet on the mouth.

Ocean Oglio Aglio @ RM25.90

Apart from light bites, Tea Verandah actually serves simple breakfast menu such as banana pancakes, poached eggs, and assorted pastries (which comes with a cup of Americano), as well as main courses such as rosemary chicken, mussels pot and pasta. If you love strong garlicky flavours, the seafood spaghetti topped with tiger prawns and mussels is a great option for its aroma and mild spiciness.

Grilled Salmon Steak @ RM25.90

Again, the thick slab of salmon steak is generously portioned and beautifully presented on a bed of mashed potato, garlic butter spinach and asparagus. Love its well-flavoured flesh with just the right amount of charness!

If you'd love to enjoy the premium tea at home, you can get your supply from Tea Verandah!

1. Ambiance wise, I totally have no complaints at all. Posh, trendy and elegant; Perfect venue to chill!
2. Thumbs up for the wide assortment of tea that wows me with unique and distinctive flavours. I think I'd consider reducing coffee and go for the healthy tea instead. 
3. Recommended: Tea Verandah, Yogurt Tea, Scone

Tea Verandah
Lot SK-1, Level 2,
ATRIA Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +6 017 6699 332
Website: www.teaverandah.my
Facebook: fb.com/TVerandah
Business Hours: 10am - 9.45pm daily


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