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27 March, 2017

Review: PURE BEAUTY Pomegranate Urban Shield Skincare

It wasn't too long since I first tried the new Korean skincare series, Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield; but I am pretty satisfied with the products. The reason why it is called the “Urban Shield” is because it mainly defends the skin from pollution! 

Well, we know how the daily pollution makes our skin looks dull and contributes to skin aging.
Therefore we need to enhance our “protection”...

Pomegranate is known for its powerful, high antioxidant content. What’s better in this range is that the upgraded formula combines fermented pomegranate extract, Swiss Radiance, Bulgarian Rose Water, certified organic ingredients and most importantly, the anti-pollution compound, Urban Shield Complex to bring anti-oxidant, anti-pollution and anti-aging benefits.

If you do not already know, Pure Beauty’s products are always derived from antioxidant-based blends of ingredients created from the finest natural resources for visible, long-term results.

Pure Beauty is exclusively available at Watsons.

There are 8 products altogether in Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield range:

         ❤ Clarifying Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
         ❤ Clarifying Toner (140ml)
         ❤ Reviving Serum (35ml)
         ❤ Protective Day Lotion SPF20 (50ml)
         ❤ Renewal Night Cream (50ml)
         ❤ Reviving Eye Gel (15ml)
         ❤ Recharging Cream Mask (100ml)
         ❤ Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Wipes (20 wipes)

I am sure all of us want to have a strong skin barrier, revitalized and radiant skin, right? Then this is the skincare range to go for. This range is dermatologist tested and made in Korea using advanced skincare technology. 

Now...let me try the 3 recommended products from this range 

Clarifying Foaming Cleanser (150ml)

A cleansed, pollution-free skin always begins with deep cleansing (of course with appropriate makeup remover too). And this foam cleanser can help to:
          ❤ Remove impurities and all traces of pollution
          ❤ Soothe and hydrate skin
          ❤ Strengthen the skin barrier 

Texture: ★★
Upon pressing the pump bottle, the cleanser comes out in the form of smooth, creamy foam.
Hence, the tiny particles of the foam can reach the pores and cleanse away any impurities.
I love it because it saves me from the hassle of lathering :)

Fragrance: ★★★
It smells great with refreshing fruity scent. Lovely!

How does it feel: ★★★
The creamy foam makes cleansing easier as it is able to reach deep in the pores. After washing off,
it does not leave any dry / sticky feeling. I like the fresh finish it gives to the skin.

What I like: ★★
Simple, straight-forward and easy to use!

Reviving Serum (35ml)

Cleansing is always followed by toning, and let's not forget about applying serum too. The reviving serum is a transparent gel that gives the skin a lightweight "protection" by:
          ❤ Penetrating deeply to replenish and repair damaged skin to improve skin tone
          ❤ Smoothing and revitalizing skin  
          ❤ Boosting skin defense and minimizing effects of pollution

Texture: ★★
The gel texture is lightweight and easy to "melt" onto the skin.

Fragrance: ★★★
It has rich fruity-floral aroma which I believe most girls will love it!

How does it feel: ★★★
The gel serum is ultra lightweight and not overwhelmingly rich for the skin. The smooth finish is just
nice to give a thin, moisturizing layer of protection to the skin without leaving any sticky feeling.

What I like: ★★
 A quick and easy-to-apply serum that provides glowing youthful looking complexion over time.

Protective Day Lotion SPF20 (50ml) 

Apart from special care items such as night cream, eye gel and facial mask, I will never ever leave home without applying day lotion / sunblock. The Protective Day Lotion SPF20 works well both as a skin hydration booster and sunscreen. 

Some of the benefits are:
          ❤ Hydrate and protect skin against the harmful effects of city living
          ❤ Revive tired and stressed skin
          ❤ Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
          ❤ Revitalize the complexion

Texture: ★★
Despite of its creamy texture, the product is easy to blend on the skin.
Nevertheless, the cream is not overly thick.

Fragrance: ★★★
Lovely and feminine scent that makes the skin feel great!

How does it feel: ★★★
The cream is not extremely rich, but a very thin layer is sufficient to protect the skin without feeling oily.

What I like: ★★
A two-in-one sun protection day cream-- Convenient and hassle-free.

1. Overall, Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield is great for those who need a stronger skin barrier and natural healthy radiance ❤ 
2. Good products need not be expensive, all we need are products that suit our skin and do not burn our pockets. I love how this skincare range is affordably priced and able to deliver its benefits effectively.
3. My favourite product? Definitely the Reviving Serum

Looking forward to trying out the rest of Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield skincare range! 

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield range is exclusively available at all Watsons stores nationwide and e-store. Don't forget to check out the latest promotions / deals at!


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