09 April, 2017

New Japanese Curry Menu at Sushi King Malaysia

Hello, Japanese food lovers!

Today we are here at Sushi King for a feast of Japanese Curry prepared creatively in different levels of spiciness. For this second quarter of 2017 (1 April - 30 June), the restaurant has created 11 types of dishes with an injection of Japanese Curry, ranging from sushi rolls to hot rice plates. 

We often hear people complaining, "Why is my Japanese curry so sweet? Not spicy at all!". Now, the complaint is over, because Sushi King knows some Malaysians love spicy food and therefore has introduced the new curry menu – added with a punchy ‘kick’ to suit the local taste buds and spicy enough to fire up any Malaysian’s savoury palate.

Themed “Curry with a Kick!”, the limited-time Japanese curry menu features various flavours
of chicken, seafood and beef with a spicy twist. Pricewise, the dishes are wallet-friendly too. 

Chicken Katsu (日式咖哩炸鸡排饭) @ RM15.90

The highlight of the menu is the curry rice served with either chicken, seafood or beef, and generously drizzled with curry sauce.  Available in Curry, Tomato Curry and Spicy Curry, you can personalise your curry dish to your preferred level of spiciness. 

Seafood Fry (日式咖哩炸海鲜饭) @ RM15.90

My deep-fried fish and prawn curry rice is served with Tomato Curry gravy which is a tangy, sweet blend of original Japanese curry and fresh cherry tomatoes. It exudes a delicious tang and suits those who prefer something fresh in taste. 

Yakiniku (日式咖哩炸牛肉饭) @ RM15.90

As for the pan-fried beef curry rice, we opt for the Spicy Curry, featuring a large dollop of finely chopped hot chilli. Mix the chilli with the sauce and enjoy the instant fiery kick down to the throat! Seriously, the Spicy Curry tastes so satisfying, definitely making it the Malaysians' favourite choice! 
Curry Kiryu Udon (日式咖哩扁式乌冬面) @ RM13.90

Among the other notable dishes in this menu, my personal favourite goes to this steaming hot pot of flat udon with tempura prawn and crabstick in thick curry gravy. Unlike the thick, round udon we usually have, Sushi King serves a flat type of udon noodles - chewier in texture and does not soften easily. Delicious and comforting! 

Agedashi Beef Curry (日式咖哩牛肉豆腐套餐@ RM18.90

The next dish  fried bean curd with pan-fried beef, mushrooms and cheese in curry is recommended for the beef lovers as the sliced beef is deeply infused with rich curry flavour and uniquely paired with soft Japanese deep-fried bean curd. 

The curry-coated bean curd is a nice variation from the usual deep-fried bean curd in soy sauce,
as the curry lends more robust flavours to the overall dish.

If you feel like just trying out the curry-infused dishes, why not order some sushi with curry sauce for sharing? The special selection includes Aburi Curry Tamago, Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan, Curryfornia Roll and Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri.

Aburi Curry Tamago (烧玉子咖哩寿司@ RM3 (2 pieces)

The flame-grilled egg with cheese and curry mayonnaise sushi is juicy with a lovely soft eggy texture, but the curry taste is rather subtle. 

Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan (咖哩寿司) @ RM4 (2 pieces)

The deep-fried chicken with curry mayonnaise sushi can really get one hooked,
thanks to the crisp texture and savoury curry flavour.

Curryfornia Roll (加咖哩寿司卷@ RM5 (4 pieces)

For the house made curry piri-piri sauce here, I appreciate how an extra helping is served separately so that I can add any amount to my liking. It adds some sweet spiciness to the fresh combination of crabstick, cucumber, egg and flying fish roe.

Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri (酥炸明虾咖哩寿司@ RM6 (2 pieces)
Delicious prawn tempura with spicy mayonnaise sushi. An absolutely fresh and juicy prawn deep-fried into golden perfection!

Vanilla / Matcha Ice-Cream Doughnut @ RM4.90

If there is still space in the stomach, it's time to cool down your curry venture with Ice-Cream Doughnuts drizzled with chocolate sauce, available in Vanilla and Matcha flavours.

In conjunction with the promotion, don't forget to join the Sushi King “Curry-Hot-Kick” Challenge! Show your best Curry-Hot-Kick expression to win an exclusive collectible t-shirt. 

How To Join:
1. Post a photo of your most creative Curry-Hot-Kick expression in the comment section of Sushi King Facebook post (Link: HERE) with #MySKCurry. 
2. Tag 2 of your friends in the same comment and challenge them to do the same.

Terms and Conditions: bit.ly/SKCurryKickTnC

Sushi King's Japanese Curry menu is available from 1 April to 30 June 2017, across all Sushi King outlets nationwide. Don't forget to check them out before you miss it!

For more information on the above, please visit Sushi King at:

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