02 May, 2017

蛋仔工坊 Eggette Lab @ Sunway Pyramid

Speaking of Hong Kong snacks, I think Malaysia has only a handful of them. Amongst the famous ones is the legendary Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle (香港雞蛋仔) which is brought into the country by Eggette Lab in Sunway Pyramid (They have another kiosk at IOI City Mall and Sunway University too).

Original, Pandan, Green Tea, Chicken Floss, Chocolate and Charcoal Cheese flavours

The menu is pretty straightforward, with 6 flavours and 5 types of toppings altogether. I notice that they have done some price adjustment after GST implementation, but no worries, the egg waffles are still very affordable for snacking. 

I have tried low-quality version of egg waffle in Bangkok, in which they use alot of custard powder and flour to make the crisp waffle, with no egg flavour at all. Here, it puts plenty of eggs into the mix, so the aroma is more distinctive than the street-side waffle. 

 Put onto the hexagon waffle pan and form the soft waffle.

The reason every waffle is half-folded is because of the wired stand which it sits on during the cooling process.

Green Tea Flavour @ RM5.40

My favourite green tea egg waffle is so crisp and flaky on the outside, pillowy soft and fluffy on the inside. Best consumed upon collection from the counter, otherwise the crisp outer layer will soften eventually.

I love savouring the golden cake of miniature egg-shaped balls this way, bit by bit! Waffles made of pure custard mix without eggs will end up having a hollow texture with plain crispiness only., but this is definitely not in Eggette Lab.

Here I am satisfied that each egg-shaped piece is perfectly filled with spongy cake within each crispy shell. Additional red bean topping is available at RM1 if you prefer your waffle to be sweeter, but I personally find that the bittersweet green tea is flavourful enough on its own.

Charcoal Cheese @ RM5.90

If you prefer having something savoury for a light meal, the charcoal cheese is equally recommended for its prominent taste of cheese and distinctive charcoal color. The cheese flavour is very rich at every bite, exuding beautiful aroma that cheesy lovers will definitely fall in love with.

Being a fan of cheese, I personally love this flavour more, although it may be a tad oily on the surface.

 Chicken Floss Special @ RM5.90

Another savoury variation is the chicken floss egg waffle. It may not look appealing on the surface, but the slightly burnt part in the middle is actually full of chicken floss, and tastes superb!

I am quite disappointed that the flavour of chicken floss only concentrates at the center, and not evenly distributed. Nevertheless, it is delicious and less oily compared to the charcoal cheese.

1. Yummy and filling snack but it can be quite sweet after finishing 70% of it. 
2. The only downside is, the long queue can make you wait for 20-30 minutes.
3. Recommended: Charcoal Cheese, Green Tea

蛋仔工坊 Eggette Lab

Asian Avenue, 
Second Floor,
Sunway Pyramid
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
Facebook: fb.com/EggetteLab

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  1. Fall in love with gai dan zai recently but I only tried original version.


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