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30 May, 2017

Bikini Shopping Wishlist for This Summer!

When it comes to swimwear, I believe it is every girl’s dream to own a collection of beautiful bikini that flaunts the shape of the body. But whenever I shop for swimwear, I will focus mainly on the color and design. More often than not, physical stores in the mall usually carry a limited range of swimwear and the designs are meh.

So most of the time I tend to get my swimwear online, for example on Sammydress as they have hundreds of designs for us to choose from!

#1 ; #2 ; #3

The first type of swimwear that I will fall for is the cutout-type monokini. It is a one-piece swimwear but with attractive cut-out areas mostly on the chest, waist etc. The main reason I always love this type of design is because it helps to hide my big tummy and further accentuate the body weight on the fuller areas.

#4 ; #5 ; #6

Another series of swimwear on my wishlist is the pastel colored bikini with cute little details. This will look perfectly sweet and cute, don’t you think so? Pastel color gives a softer tone to the overall appearance, regardless of the design of the bikini.

#7 ; #8 ; #9

Lastly, it would be all the designs that I have not seen in-store but are available online! Look at those….aren’t they so pretty? Sometimes bold color and minimalist design can be a killer piece too. It all depends on how do you style and wear it. How I wish I can own all of them!

If you are looking for swimwear, there are a lot more choices available here. I’m sure you’d love them!

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