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21 June, 2017

Cafe Hopping with 8excite at 5.1 Cafe Gallery, Sri Petaling

Hi! I am back to my cafe hopping routine. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, you'd surely know I am an avid cafe hopper. Most of the time, I visit the cafes on my own (not by invitation) with my friends, and I just love doing so. But do you agree, dining in a cafe (or any upscale restaurant) can be quite expensive?

Luckily, recently I found this website/app that allows me to save some money while I spend -- 8excite, a platform enjoy the latest and cheapest deals at amazingly discounted prices at restaurants, beauty salons, spas, gyms, entertainment venues, stores and more

So when browsing through the "Hot Deals" on 8excite mobile app, I saw this deal of 30% dining discount at 5.1 Cafe Gallery in Sri Petaling, selling at RM5. Since it is a 30% discount on the total bill, I think the deal is quite good for those who dine in a large group. 

The more food / drinks you order, the more savings you'll get!

Oh did I forget to mention that you'll earn Excite Points for every purchase made. Once accumulated,
these points can be used to redeem vouchers from 8excite. That's how we spend smart, right?

After the purchase of deal...
During the visit of 5.1 Cafe Gallery, Sri Petaling...
I have always wanted to visit 5.1 Cafe Gallery for its beautiful coffee art and vintage photography elements in the cafe. I guess it's the best time now... 

The interior of the cafe is pretty dim, nevertheless every corner is beautifully adorned with vintage paraphernalia of travel and photography related decors such as printed luggage bags, old-school picture frames, film cameras, etc. Very tastefully decorated and highly Instagram-able.

 Green Tea Latte @ RM10.90

One of my favourite things which is also the signature item here - the Green Tea Latte - is beautifully topped with a hand-drawn floral latte art. Admiring it would take quite a while before my lips reach for it.

Muffle Cheese Chicken Waffle @ RM21.90

Waffles are the No.1 specialty here, so be sure to try the savoury waffle / sweet waffle dessert here. I order a plate of triple-layered waffle topped with chicken, cheese and generous drizzles of mayonnaise, along with a side of wedges and salad. 

This makes a great brunch menu and it doesn't feel expensive at all after the discount I enjoyed :P

Little Piggie Rice Set @ RM17.90
If it is something oriental that you like, then try the pork cutlet rice set drizzled with creamy mushroom sauce.

My Personal Experience...
Overall, it is a satisfying delicious and affordable dining experience at 5.1 Cafe Gallery :) An ideal quiet place to chill and enjoy a wide variety of good waffles.

It is a great experience of enjoying great food without burning a hole in the pocket. Thumbs up for the great promotion, convenience and user-friendly features that 8excite has. 

If food is not your thing, don't worry, there are plenty of deals on beauty, wellness, leisure, service and shopping on 8excite. Feel free to check them out yourselves!

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  1. It looks so yummy! A lot of cheese and rice. What can be batter!? Maybe only my essays here)) Haha) Kidding. No, really my mouth is full of saliva already) And all I have for lunch is a sandwich... And I'm not even on a diet, just forgot to take something else.


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