14 June, 2017

My Weekend at Diamond and Arissto Music Party

Hello from Diamond and Arissto Music Party! It was a lovely afternoon weekend well-spent with great music, good companions and delicious coffee. Just a short mention - Special thanks to Diamond and Arissto brands, for the invitation to this music party.

In case you are wondering what are Diamond and Arissto, here’s a quick introduction:

Diamond Water is one of the earliest players in the water filter market, and as technology evolves, Diamond Coral has introduced the new Coral Alkaline Water for both home and office consumption.

Whereas, Arissto is a relatively new brand specializes in Italian premium coffee making from home.

The music party began with a string of singing performances by some local entertainers, followed by a series of interactive sessions with the guests to try Diamond and Arissto products and share the customers’ testimonials.

It was a fun and interactive session with the fellow friends and families exclusively invited to this party.

Diamond Coral Water Bay

Speaking of Diamond products, we manage to have our hands on the Diamond Coral Water Bar, a hot-and-cold Coral Alkaline Water Dispenser. We have been using Diamond water since I was a kid, so the health benefits of their water is not something new to me.

But Coral Alkaline water is a new technology using coral calcium and natural mineral stones to transform any kind of water into natural alkaline water.

One thing that impresses me here is the 3-Second Instant Heat Technology, which can heat up water from room temperature to 100°c from room temperature, without a 24-hour energy consumption for repeated boiling.

I like the idea of serving natural water with slices of cucumber, lemon, orange or any kind of fruit for a healthy touch!

Great music should go hand in hand with good coffee, don’t you think so? In the party, we are also treated with premium quality coffee from Arissto, a 100% Italy-produced coffee that we can easily enjoy anywhere at anytime we want.

The aromatic coffee beverages are all churned out from this premium coffee maker: the ARISSTO Happy Maker. A sister brand to Diamond, Arissto focuses on the revolutionary invention of coffee capsules.
Each capsule is specially designed for different flavours of premium coffee powder, preserving its original taste for your enjoyment.

The names are pretty interesting too!

The beans, the soul behind this cup of premium coffee, are sourced from around the world for better quality assurance. Arissto signature packages are mostly aromatic blends of bittersweet Robusta and Arabica beans to exude rich, pleasant flavours on the palate.

Enjoying coffee has never been so effortless! Just insert the capsules (Milk base and coffee) into ARISSTO premium coffee machine and press a button…. Your cup of coffee will be ready in 30 seconds.

My first try of Arissto is a deep-flavoured cup of coffee, called “Lonely”, prepared using 1 capsule of milk and 1 capsule of coffee powder. The taste? Robust, highly intensed, balanced taste with notes of bitterness. 

A more easily acceptable flavour for the non-coffee lovers is called “In Love”, packed in a red capsule. A rich, silky smooth concoction of coffee with deep sweet flavour and low bitterness. 

Love the distinctive layers it has on the cup! So beautiful right?

Or...perhaps I should consider getting one machine for myself too?

Once again, thank you Diamond and Arissto for having me at the party and making me falling
in love with the coffee here! :) Looking forward to more music and coffee sessions with you guys soon!


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