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23 June, 2017

Review: Korean G9 SKIN First Lip Stick [5 Colors]

G9 SKIN First Lip Stick (3.5g)

Hello to my new lippie collection from Korea! ❤ I am excited to share with you my experience with the latest collection of “First Lip Stick” by G9 Skin, a Korean beauty brand. Whether it is your first set of lip stick from Korea, G9 Skin is here to bring us more surprises about creating the K-beauty makeup look!

The “First Lip Stick” series comes in 8 vivid color options to pair with different makeup looks. Unlike European brands that have hundreds of lipstick shades, this Korean brand has only 5 – but it assures us that these are the top 5 popular shades that are well-received worldwide.

Among the 8 shades, I get to try 5 of them:
#01. Midnight Red
#02. Dry Rose
#03. Dazzling Pink
#04. Peach Brown
#05. Vintage Red

The lipstick contains two key moisturizing ingredients:
❤ Shea Butter: Soothe and moisturize chapped lips and dry skin
❤ Tocopheryl Acetate: Synthetic Vitamin E that moisturizes lips

Here's a color swatch of the lipsticks. The result?
Vivid, long-lasting colors that brighten the complexion instantly!

How to Apply:
Full Color: Apply along lip line and fill the lips.
Gradient Lip: Use powder and cushion to lighten outer lips and apply the lipstick from inside out.

Texture: ★★★★
The lipstick has a soft cream texture that I really love, as it glides smoothly onto the lips
and leaves powdery matte finish without feeling any dryness.

Color Payoff: ★★★★
Excellent, vivid color payoff! The colors are very sharp, vibrant and give an
instant “pop” to the overall complexion.

Feel: ★★★★☆
It feels good on the lips! Love the fresh, non-sticky sensation.

Long-lasting effect: ★★★
It adheres well onto lips and does not fade easily once applied. Reapplication is not as frequent as you’d expect.

#01. Midnight Red
Vivid, hot red lip for that party night.

#02. Dry Rose
Sweet, rosy red for a romantic date.

#03. Dazzling Pink
Cute and glamorous pink for a brighter skin complexion.

#04. Peach Brown
Coral brown for the natural nude makeup look.

#05. Vintage Red
Classic wine red for a seductive goddess makeup look. 

Having said that, removal is pretty easy. In just 1-2 wipes with makeup remover (normal water-base type will do), the lipstick is easily removed. But remember to cleanse thoroughly, otherwise any residue on the lips would cause dryness to the lips.

G9SKIN First Lip Stick is recommended for those who want:
❤ Semi-matte lipstick with soft touch
❤ Vivid color in one glide
❤ No constant makeup fix
❤ Long-lasting touch

1. At this price point, I think G9 Skin lipstick is a good buy considering the awesome color payoff, and light, moisturizing texture of the matte lipstick.
2. Love the 5 beautiful colors to swap around for different makeup look everyday.
3. Rating: 4.5/5 ; Reasons to purchase: Vivid colors and reasonable price

For more information about G9 Skin, please visit:
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia

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