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08 June, 2017

Review: MEDITREE Tea Tree Skincare for Oily, Combination Skin

Hello! Does anyone here have oily/combination/acne skin?

I used to have really bad acne skin about 10 years ago, and I am glad to have stayed away from them for many years now. But the occasional breakout during “the time of the month” is still unavoidable. And this is the time where I take extra good care of my skin, starting from the first step of my skincare regime.

So I have tried Meditree Tea Tree skincare range, an Australian made and owned brand which takes pride of the fresh and pure Australian botanicals in each product that possesses different healing properties.

Why Pure Australian Botanicals?

Australia has over 25,000 identified plant species. Over 80% of them are unique and Tea Tree Oil is one of them. I am sure that Tea Tree Oil is not something new to you – I used to have it during my high school days, and now it remains so popular and relevant in the beauty market.

Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties have been recognized since the 18th century, imagine how strong its history is!

Okay, back to the products...Meditree products are organic certified in Australia, vegan and cruelty-free. No synthetic fillers, preservatives and foaming agents; it’s all fresh and effective.

Not only that, the brand also emphasizes on recycled and recyclable packaging – the products are free from synthetic and animal origin ingredients, SLS, preservatives, plastics etc.

Even the tubes and caps have a special enzyme to make them biodegradable in landfill in 5 years. I love how the brand takes great length to ensure only the most natural benefits are delivered to us. From the packaging to the content, everything is so environmentally-friendly.

In Meditree, there are no ifs, no buts....!

Meditree Tea Tree range is a simple 5-step skincare regime to keep the skin clear from acne:
Cleanser; Hydrator; Gel; Scrub and Mask; Oil 

A simple, fuss-free skincare that suits oily, combination and acne prone skin, under the following
environmental conditions: Summer, High humidity, Regular/prolonged harsh environment

Now let’s try the products one by one….
 Tea Tree Facial Cleanser (100g) @ RM20.90
A foam cleanser with rich content of tea tree to kill bacteria on those acne.
Hence, it is suitable for oily, combination and acne prone skin.

It derives its benefits from the natural ingredients:
 Tea Tree and Aloe Vera – Soothing sensation
 Willow Bark Extract – Purifying and anti-bacterial
 Decly Glucoside (Glucose extracted form corn) – Cleansing and foaming properties

How To Use: Massage over wet face and neck, then rinse with warm water.
*Use both morning and night.

At the first glance, the tea tree facial cleanser looks like a herbal gel!
For cleanser, I like gel-like texture as it is not too drying for the skin.

Beauty Tips: If you prefer more lather, use a facial foaming sponge so that it can lather well.

When the smooth foamy particles touch the skin, it feels that it can reach even the deepest pores for cleansing.

It helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin, but after cleansing, I personally feel that my skin is slightly tight.

It smells naturally refreshing and herbal-like. 

Tea Tree Cleansing Scrub and Mask (50g) @ RM23.75  

Interestingly, the creamy face scrub here can be used as mask; both ways are effective to gently polish away dead skin cells and impurities, as well as brighten and smoothen the skin. The best part is, it suits most skin types including normal, dry, oily and combination.

 Tea Tree Leaves and Lychee Shell – Natural exfoliants to remove dead skin cells without irritation.
 Kaolin Clay – Absorb excess oil and remove impurities
 Licorice Extract – Anti-inflammatory and restore skin clarity

How To Use:
As a scrub: Massage gently over clean and moist skin (i.e. face, neck, body).
As a mask: Apply and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off well.
*Use 1-2 times weekly, morning or night.

The cleansing scrub and mask has a texture combining both face scrub and clay mask.
The creamy texture with fine exfoliating particles looks like some clay.

It feels like applying clay mask, but with that exfoliating / brightening benefit in it. I personally like it
as I rub it onto the skin - It does not cause any tingling sensation even for sensitive skin like mine.


It's easy to use as a two-in-one scrub cum mask. After scrubbing the skin, it appears brighter and less prone towards acne. And the best part is, it can be used in any part of the body that has potential acne growth! Highly recommended for those who have body acne such as back acne.

The scent for this is not as herbal as the other products, as it smells more earthy instead.

Tea Tree Hydrator (50g) @ RM23.75
This "hydrator" is actually a specially formulated moisturizer, which helps hydrate skin without causing more oiliness.
Therefore, it is very skin-friendly to those who have combination and acne prone skin.

 Tea Tree Oil – Anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory
 Willow Bark Extract – Eliminate bacteria to prevent acne
 Chamomile Extract Acids – Soften and soothe skin complexion

How To Use: Apply small amount over face and neck, after cleansing.
*Use both morning and night.

The hydrator has the same lightweight cream consistency as a typical moisturiser.
Nothing too heavy for the skin, and it is easily spreadable.

Love the nourishing sensation on the skin.

As a hydrator, I think a richer moisturizing effect would be better for the dry part of the skin.
Nevertheless, it does not leave any sticky / oily residue on the skin.

Very mild in tea tree scent.

Tea Tree Acne Gel (15g) @ RM14.55  

For more problem-specific solutions, Meditree has the Tea Tree Acne Gel and Oil to target specifically on acne and blemishes on skin. So, remember to only apply them when necessary. 

 Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark Extract – Calming and purifying, they cleanse and improve acne prone skin.
 Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – Natural skin conditioner and antioxidant to promote cell renewal and skin elasticity

How To Use: Apply small amount to affected area.
*Use 1-2 times daily when required.

The very lightweight gel is easy to squeeze out from the tube, and easily adheres to the skin.

It feels slightly cooling on the skin upon application. But once it dries up, it kinda gives the "tight" feeling on the skin.

I have been using it for days on my popping zits on the forehead. The zits do subside after a couple of days,
but it requires application for at least 2-3 times daily. Yup you gotta be hardworking with this. 

It smells like very strong peppermint, which I personally like it. But it can be quite subjective for some.

Tea Tree Oil (10ml) @ RM28.00

While the gel is more soothing, I personally prefer applying Tea Tree Oil onto my zits, as it is a 100% pure, natural antibacterial essential oil steam. In terms of usage, it can be multipurpose – ideal for insect bites, stings, cuts and abrasions.

Distilled Tea Tree Oil extracted from Australian native Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree plant) 
 Well-known for its soothing properties
 Soothing, anti-bacterial, kill germs, reduce acne and cell growth.
 Because of its extremely low potential for skin irritation and sensitization, it works well on sensitive skin too.

How To Use:
❤ For acne – Apply 1-2 drops on affected area.
❤ As mosquito repellent – Spray water containing tea tree oil onto body, clothes, bed sheet, curtain etc.
❤ For diffuser – Drip 4-5 drops of tea tree oil into a diffuser in your room to get rid of mosquitoes.
 For smelly feet – Soak the legs with hot water containing 3-4 drops of tea tree oil.
❤ As lotion / shower gel – Drip few drops of tea tree oil into an unscented body lotion or shower gel.

*Discontinue using if irritation happens.

Very pure and rich oil that adheres to the skin well.

It feels slightly minty / refreshing on the skin upon application, then the fresh sensation will go off slowly. 

I usually apply a very thin layer on the affected area, and it works well
especially when I am hardworking in applying 2-3 times daily.

The "herbal" small is so strong that it wakes up the senses. I love it! 

Note: The prices of Meditree Tea Tree Range stated above exclude 6% GST.

1. Meditree is worth a try for those with oily/combination skin as it is organic (Doesn’t irritate skin!), vegan and reasonably priced.
2. Good to pamper the skin with the goodness of nature without compromising on the product effectiveness.
3. After using Meditree, it makes my skin a little healthier and my heart a little lighter.

Meditree Tea Tree Range is available at local leading pharmacies nationwide.


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