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22 June, 2017

Samsung S8 vs S8 Plus : Where To Get It Cheap?

Just a quick question, how often do you change your mobile phone? Over the past 13 years of being a mobile phone user, I think the Huawei P9 Plus that I’m currently using is already my 9th phone! That means, averagely, I’d use a phone for about 1.5 years before getting a new one.

With the new releases of Samsung and iPhone smartphones, I am really tempted to get a new one for myself! Currently, I am torn between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. I love the improved camera of Samsung S8 which can capture way more stunning pictures than before.

As compared to its close competitors, a lot of online reviews mention that both S8 and S8+ have pretty good battery life. Another thing I realise is the bright and colorful displays on Samsung's new flagship smartphones, which outdo all the other premium range smartphones out there.

And the superb front camera that perfects every selfie I take using S8...

One feature that my current phone doesn’t have is the waterproof feature – S8 can survive a dip into the swimming pool, not to mention an accidental drop in the shower. Underwater photography is made possible with a smartphone now :D

The one I am holding is S8 - Slightly bigger than my palm size but easy to grip on.

Nevertheless, I find that the 5.8 inch display of S8 is sufficient for me, as I have always been using a 5.5 inch screen. S8+ has a slightly bigger screen at 6.2 inches, but it is this little difference that makes a huge gap on the price.

Overall, S8 seems to be an ideal phone for blogger on-the-go like myself :P

But looking at the hefty price to pay to be a Samsung S8 user… I seriously need to think twice! I almost faint when browsing through the brand’s official store and see that Samsung S8 official retail price is pegged at a whopping RM3,299. But they don’t accept trade-ins for my old non-Samsung phone :(

Luckily, a friend recommends me an online website/app that allows me to buy or sell mobile phones (and tablets, phone accessories etc) – Carousell. Honestly, I have always thought Carousell is a marketplace that only sells fashion and beauty items. 

But now I realise, Carousel allows us to buy/sell the latest, trendiest mobile phones – be it brand new or preloved – at a much lower price!

As I browse through Carousell website, I am amazed by the wide variety of smart phones offered by different vendors. All the vendors’ identities are clearly displayed on the website, so there’s nothing to worry about on its reliability.

I saw there are some vendors selling cheap Samsung S8 at only RM2,200++ in Carousell,
as compared to RM3,299 on other websites. This is seriously a good deal eh!

I personally have more confidence towards vendors who provide real-life photos of the smartphone on Carousell, as I can see how exactly the phone is. Plus, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) is always my preferred option, so it’ll be safe, reliable and fast.

With Carousell, I can already save at least a few hundreds on my new phone. But to save even more, I can convert my old phone into cash via Carousell selling function. Looking at the current wide user database that Carousell has, I believe the items we put here will receive response from potential buyers very soon *fingers crossed*

.....and MORE cash too! *$$$*

On the bright side, since we are selling to an end user (instead of a reseller i.e. a mobile phone shop), we probably can earn slightly more here.

Overall, if you need a brand new / pre-loved mobile phone at a lower price, Carousell is the right platform to go. It is user-friendly, offers a great variety of choices, and most importantly, safe and reliable to use.

If you find Carousell useful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends too! 

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